Biker Down: Kim Geist

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When I hear about stuff like this, my blood runs cold.

From: twolf1
Subject: rider down
Olympic hopeful cyclist injured in crash

Rt 100 in Macungie township has become inundated with tractor trailer traffic due to the non-stop construction of gigantic warehouses. There are so many trucks that there are actually ruts in the pavement.

A picture I took of her a few weeks ago is attached.

Kim Geist

Keep it safe out there, folks.

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5 Replies to “Biker Down: Kim Geist”

  1. I am so glad she is alive and stable….. Gotta love the reporting though: “His tractor-trailer had minor damage on its front end but he was not injured, police said”…..couldn’t have guessed that one! Anyway, who fucking cares about his damn tractor….a beautiful, talented woman was almost killed!

  2. What the fuck, or why the fuck did they even put this in the article?

    “His tractor-trailer had minor damage on its front end but he was not injured, police said.”

    What kind of damage. Her blood and skin? Maybe some paint from her bike?

    Who gives a rats ass about him and his fuckin truck?

    Oh, wait. I’m sorry. He’ll probably be out of work while his truck is being cleaned. Then he’ll be out of a paycheck for that time. Yeah, that’s gonna make it tough buying those Marlboro’s.