Clusterfuck Nation

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This is in much the same vein as BikePunk’s post from earlier today:

…there is a practically inexhaustible supply of “dead” mortgages and corporate loans washing up on the pebbled beaches of Hedge Fund Island. No matter how bad the mortgage-and-credit-derived racket looks now, it is certain to only get worse as the dead mortgages and loans fester in the sun and the tropical foliage on Hedge Fund Island starts to wilt from the toxic fumes of all that decaying matter. This summer is only the beginning of a cycle of adjustable mortgage interest rate re-sets. The numbers go way up in the fall and are scheduled to continue rising well into the winter of 2008. How long do you think the Big Fund Boys can tread water?

What you’re seeing now is a simple matter of financial sector players trying desperately to evade the consequences of their own actions. The fake wealth generated by the synthetic securities they created is now being recognized for what it is: a swindle. The hallucination is over. The collective denial that supported that hallucination is dissolving. The losses are become manifest. Even worse, the losses are growing exponentially because the synthetic securities were used as collateral to leverage far greater multiples of “positions,” bets, and plays in a casino-like global electronic trading arena.


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  1. Just wait until China decides to unload its US currency holdings. At some point crushing the Dollar will make more sense to them than just continuing to sell us cheap shit to stock the shelves at WalMart with.