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"measures, daily, just how quickly we are destroying our atmosphere. thinks riding bikes might just help this problem. tapes his middle finger to the handlebar (unsuccessfully represses rage). mountainbikes in lycra. Tomac did it. he does it. he's not Tomac." Missoula, Montana, USA

28 Replies to “Stick a fork in him…”

  1. I will celebrate when he is tarred, featherd and roasted on a spit till he is nothing more than charcoal.

    Anything less, and he will return to do more evil.

    Maybe then we should salt the earth where he gets buried too. Just to be safe.

  2. Total yawn. Big whoop! Rove had to retire sometime soon to ensure that Bush is still in office when it comes pardon time. If Rove left at the end of Bushes term, he’d be risking a Dem president with no chance of a pardon.

  3. The only thing that’s gonna be different is that now Turdblossom’s office is going to be in west Texas instead of the west wing.

  4. Dudes,

    …all that – and that giant bag of chips that lives under the kitchen sink.
    Have you seen the zeitgeist movie?
    It aint even begun to turn in the slightestest…I’m sure there is an even more hideous monster in the on deck circle.
    Methinks a biggin’s coming…hope not, perhaps it is truly over.

  5. Hey everyone —

    Really, DO NOT MISS the article on Rove in the current issue of The Atlantic. I wonder if its publication had something to do with Rove’s resignation. It is an excellent analysis of his genius and his Achilles’ heel, which is (surprise!) his arrogance and hubris. I learned a lot about Rove, Bush, and politics from that article. There are some very damning things said by Bush insiders that are joy to read!

    Erik Ryberg

  6. Hopefully a little bird told him that he’d need to free up some time in order to work on his legal defense.

  7. from yahoo.. ‘Boy genius’ calling it quits
    Karl Rove, President Bush’s friend and strategist, is the latest adviser leaving the White House.

    WTF… man

  8. Freakin’ Democrats. Quit yer bitchin’, ride your bikes, and go make some money so you can buy more expensive bikes.

  9. “I will celebrate when he is tarred, featherd and roasted on a spit till he is nothing more than charcoal.”

    You left out the part about cutting off his testicles and feeding them to wild dogs.

  10. I dont want to make any dogs sick, that’s why.

    As for Dem’s bitching… let’s just see how them good old boy Rep’s spin this as BuSh’s term ends. Iraq = quagmire, Cheney’s words coming back to haunt him, failing economy, Mortgage blowouts…

    I will bet a case of good german beer that they try to blame it on Dem’s and clinton’s penis.

    A fucked-up economy when the R’s have had the checkbook for 12 fucking years… Well, lets see how they play the blame game. That shit affects everyone, regardless of how you vote. Period.

  11. Talk about pissing in the soup.

    rove, cheney, rumsfuck & bush have pissed so badly over the American political, justice & economic systems, that it is basically incomprehensible.

    While a change in leadership is obviously needed, on its best day, it will have little effect on righting the unethical wrongs committed by these sanctimonious, self-serving “leaders”.

  12. “You left out the part about cutting off his testicles and feeding them to wild dogs.

    Let Michael Vick’s pain be your gain. Don’t fuck with dogs.

  13. A good point was made regarding the utter uselessness of all involved in the polical realm. Bush sucks, Clinton sucked (and got sucked). The way I see it, ya got a couple choices…bitch about it and blame it on the respective party in power…or shut up and make as good a living for yourself as you can.

    You really think Dems are gonna fix things? I’ll bet you TWO cases of good German beer it ain’t gonna happen! Democrats in power are worse yet…a bunch of rich bastards who tell you they empathize with the “common man.” Gimme a break…when is the last time you saw ANY politician in the soup line???? John Kerry has a freakin’ Hinkley Picnic Boat…look them up…see what they cost…tell me he’s a commoner! LOL.

    Cyclists are all dopers…politicians are all lying, cheating, sacks of verbal excrement robbing this country blind.

    I support term limits.

  14. WE ARE STILL ALL IN THE SAME BIG PILE OF POO, (now if we all just had a ranch in Texas to hide in……..

  15. While “…politicians are all lying, cheating, sacks of verbal excrement robbing this country blind”, may be a statement w/ roots based in fact, “cyclists are all dopers” is far from the truth.

    The ratio & nature of cyclists who ride for enjoyment and/or race, as compared to racers who dope is extremely wide & disparate.

    Nothing wrong w/ a little vitriol, dude, but jeez, watch who yer slammin’.

  16. Let’s not sucking each other’s dicks quite yet. He prolly just quit for some fat private industry cash…. and to avoid prosecution.

  17. Rumor has it hes dropping out and Fred Thompson will announce on Labor day. Guess who he might be working for to “Stay in the Game.”

    That would be funny, but I highly doubt it.

    God I hate Republicans. And yeah, Dems are not all normal dudes who buy their shitpaper at walgreens at 3 in the afternoon but I truly believe they are not as deep in the pockets of Halliburton et. al. as these thugs in power. Not only that, but at least they aren’t complete hypocrites about gays (while sucking big black cock in public restrooms); about Clinton getting his wiener sucked (while cheating on their own wives); about many things that they scream about in the daytime, but after the whislt blows and they punchout, they go right out and partake as well.

    Fuck Karl Rove and Fuck Bush and his minions.

  18. Karl Rove is a fucking roach, and nothing short of walking up good ol’ Cthulhu will smack his bitch ass out of existence. I strongly believe that this motherfucker, and assholes like John Bolton will continue to shit all overthemselves and the Constitution for as long as they’re breathing…..

    But who could take out Karl Rove? Maybe someone who’s well versed in wetwork? Maybe someone who might have a serious beef with him like, oh I don’t know – maybe Valerie Plame? Payback’s a bitch, motherfucker.

  19. Comment regarding the pro peloton was based upon the “popular opinions” I’ve been reading here…not necessarily my own. I want to believe SOME of those guys are clean…I’m relatively certain the percentage of dirty pols is WAAAAAY higher than dirty pros.

    Either way…cry me a Whitewater river about Republicans…bwaa!

  20. Your comparing apples to oranges again you inbred fucktard. I think most people can see the wide world of difference between some little down south money making scheme and selling the country on a bogus war so the shrub, cheney and all his pals could rake in billions of taxpayer dollars in no bid contracts for the occupation and supposed rebuilding. Last I checked, whitewater didn’t cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of US soldiers. Not to mention the ten of thousands of civilians. Clinton sucked, but it’s going to take us decades to recover from these assclowns. And who knows if we’ll ever get the stink of shit off the constitution. So go back to fucking your sister, I’m sure dad will give you another turn when he’s done.

  21. Hey asshat…if ya wanna throw down, I’d be glad to fly anywhere in this lovely country of ours and kick the living crap out of your folded ass. Plus I’ll outride you on a steel hardtail singlespeed, bitch.

    Now, if you want to have an educated conversation without unprovoked, childish name-calling, I’d be glad to. Unfortunately, you have proven yourself to be completely devoid of reason and blind to any opinions other than your own holier-than-thou views.

    You don’t know me, you don’t know a goddamn thing about me…but if you want to find out about me, drop me an email and I’ll give you my address…or better yet…give me yours if your not a scared little piece of liberal chicken shit…you’ll most definately meet my foot up your ass.

    As a post-note…you don’t think the fact that we had EIGHT FREAKIN YEARS with nobody at the helm of our foreign policy has anything at ALL to do with the shitstorm we are involved in now??????

    I don’t agree with the war, but I’d rather have the car bombs over there than here. Or do you think we should just make nice-nice with radical Islam?? My cousin and her husband just returned from Iraq this spring…sorry kids, she was of the opine that we are doing in the right thing!

    Kiss my sweet ass.


  22. Blah blah blah Terrorists, blah blah blah 911, blah blah blah better over there than over here, blah blah blah 911, blah blah blah terrorists.

    Try coming up with something new shit stain.

    In the mean time, your dad just called, it’s your turn again.

    When your done fuck yourself.


  23. As to your post note, I think the shitstorm we are in now was cause by the shrubs ADD and his desire to make his daddy love him by trying to finish the job his dad botched all those years earlier. If we had stayed on track with Afghanistan, we wouldn’t be stuck fight Al-Qaida amidst a civil war in Iraq.

  24. I wrote a long and extremely insulting response to this, only to delete it because I’m a better man. I don’t know why this is so personal to you…did President Bush and Rove run a train on you when you were small? Or do you just not have a job and need someone to blame?

    Keep your target on whomever you hate…you don’t know me, therefore can’t really hate me, I don’t hate you…yet…

    Hugs and kisses,

  25. …oh, gosh, (wringing of hands, at this point) people, please, can’t we all just get along here. I think, no gosh darn it, I feel we need a group hug here, people…