Quick ‘n’ Dirty Leadville Results

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Flagstaffist here, back at the DC basecamp on the Plateau…likely the boys n girls are still finishing right now. the speedsters have finished, and results are trickling in…

Wiens repeats, with a time 15 minutes faster than last year. What’s that, 4 in a row?

Landis Second. with bloody bandages. If a crash screwed up Vino’s blood, and Landis drinks tonight at 14000 feet or whatever, what will his testosterone ratio be tomorrow?

Drunkmenistan’s own Snake, formerly the first Groomsman of Leadville, finished 5th. what’s that, you say? great showing? i agree. good show, chap. Race report?

[Edit minutes later…]And the DC sponsored RideClean racer Jim Silverman blisters it in at 16th and a sub-8 hr time! woh-ho! In his first attempt? Anyone sense a contender?

Long hard day in the saddle. Congrats to anyone willing to ride 100 miles at 14000 feet. I’m sure our host and mentor will have much to report whenever he staggers back down to our paltry 7000 feet.


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4 Replies to “Quick ‘n’ Dirty Leadville Results”

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  2. Dave Wiens, besides being a bona fide winner, has been a class act both on & off the bike, since day one.

  3. Drunkmenistan. Sounds like a nice place. Hope we don’t bomb the shit out of it before I have a chance to visit.