Ice Cream is my Anti-Drug

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While the rest of the cycling world was stuck to the television and computer following the who’s who of blood transfusions and horse medication, I was riding and eating ice cream with a bunch of friends.

Ice cream is my anti-drug. Rather than making me go faster and longer it makes me go slower and progress happier.

Eat some ice cream boys.

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About Brad

Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

6 Replies to “Ice Cream is my Anti-Drug”

  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.. i felt after this years tour, it was like
    living with my firt wife. up and down.. roller coaster ride.

    maybe cycling is total drama based now

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