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We got a few things in the mix here in Flagstaff.

From: B.G.R
Subject: RACE ON
Hey there big boy. Im single a 5’10″ blond who enjoys long walks on the
beach, and bitchin underground single speed races. Willing to trade morals
for a good time. Please let me know if this is the place to find such
things, or if its just politics up in here.

what: single speed series
where: flagstaff AZ
when: august 18 thru september 2

details: race one- super sweet solo single speed shred-off 12 hours of the peaks
the course details will be out shortly, but so far: sunday august 18 6am to 6pm no entry fee anyone can race as long as their riding a single speed sponsers absolute bikes, voodoo cycles, az bikes, and hopefully others, we’ll see.

there is also a registration party saturday august 17, beer, bands, mayhem, location to follow.

race two: absolute bikes old fashion mountain bike race. this is the only race with an entry fee (but come on people, it all goes to charity). the date is saturday aug 25, 830am enter the single speed catagory, shred it, be eligable for the overall series prize.

race three: elden lookout road single speed hill climb sunday september 2 high noon. from where the dirt turns to pavement all the way to the towers near the sunset trailhead. mass start. do it.

More info here:

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