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I want an official apology by everyone who ever doubted anything I had to say about cycling since 2003. I am the undisputed expert and leader of the anti-doping movement. I told you about Tyler and he tested positive for blood transfusions. I told you about Lance and he tested positive for EPO, I told you about Landis and he tested positive for testosterone. I told you to sign a petition asking Discovery not to sign Basso because he was involved in Operation Puerto and he got kicked out of the sport and later admitted he was involved. I told you doping was growing in the U.S. and that riders were using EPO here and Bergman tested positive.

Every single thing that I have said on this website that I was wrongfully fired for by Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada, Kurt Stockton, and Robin Zellner has come true. I sacrificed myself and my pro career to educate the rest of you. I didn’t have to say a thing but I did because I care about cycling and making sure the next generation doesn’t have to do cancer causing performance-enhancing drugs in order to live their dreams.

Now I am telling you one more thing. USA Cycling is corrupt and needs to be 100% dismantled. The next generation is not getting any protection or education!!! USA Cycling has allowed EPO to sponsor our biggest race, they have given Miss Jeanson a racing license when Canada denied her one, only to months later have her test positive for EPO in Altoona. USA Cycling has put a blood doping coach Eddie B in the cycling hall of fame. USA Cycling has supported and approved of doping junior athletes in the past including Greg Strock and Eric Kaiter paying them in secret $250,000 each. On top of that giving the coach a letter of recommendation!!!!!! It is bull shit!

Dr. Exum’s reports need to be made public because I have a solid lead telling me of a positive steroid test from 1992 of an American Olympic Cyclist with the initials L.A. I want to know if that is true? And if so did the U.S.O.C. sweep his test under the rug with the others? Exum claimed that 6 out of 7 positive drug tests were secretly passed by the U.S.O.C. I want answers and I want the truth. I deserve it and so does the world. My grandfather and my father didn’t risk their lives in war for a country that will allow this kind of corruption to directly effect my life in this way.

I will not stand here to watch the next generation of U.S. National Team Cyclists end up living in the woods, killing snakes that keep crawling into their beds, like David Clinger who was not protected or educated by USA Cycling as he should have been. He is a victim, I am a victim, and many others are too. Like it or not.

Matt DeCanio

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

14 Replies to “Press Release by Stolen Underground”

  1. Somebody get DeCanio a fucking tissue…

    He washes out as a third tier domestic pro and now just bitches full time…moron!

  2. Matt Decanio is an little crybaby who presents rumors and innuendo and tries to play them off as facts. He should go away. A glaring mis-statement can be found in the first paragraph of his letter: “I told you about Lance and he tested positive for EPO.” Lance never tested positive for anything.

  3. Exactly – until he can put 2 coherent sentences together I’m not going to call him the undisputed expert on anything.

  4. For research purposes, B-samples were run for the presence of synthetic EPO on samples that predate the invention of the EPO test.

    Some of those B-samples tested positive. A reporter was, under a ruse, able to get Lance Armstrong to sign a release for his test records. Using the numbers that came from Lance Armstrong test, obtained by this release, the reporter was able to match those numbers to the research test numbers of the B-sample experiments.

    Those showed that samples that matched the numbers given to Lance Armstrong had synthetic EPO in them.

    It can’t be considered a positive test, because it is outside the protocol of the testing procedure for racers.

    But outside of the sphere of legality, given Lance Armstrong’s prior history of not such a great time trialist, and just a modest climber at best on long mountain cols, and that almost all Euro pros were using EPO by the late 90’s, just to keep up, and that EPO was undetectable until about 2002-2003 or so, and this B-sample study, and Armstrong’s utter domination of both the ITTs and the mountains, it’s completely irrational to say that Armstrong wasn’t using EPO in the late 90’s.

    Without EPO at that time, it would be impossible to beat other top riders who WERE using it. The advantage of EPO is that great. You’re going to be several percent faster with EPO up a 20km climb as in the Tour de France. That’s minutes, minutes you could no way afford to give up if you wanted a yellow jersey in 1999.

    There also is a long, ugly shitty history of USOC and so on covering up of positive tests by US athletes. This has been partially documented in the press. Some day, we will probably know a lot more, but enough information is out to know that athletes and US “authorities” were working together to cover up US athlete drug boosting so that we would have winning athletes in the Olympic Games and in international competitions.

    Many athletes are jerks. But one can be a jerk and speak the truth. They are not mutually exclusive.

    In the sexual abuse cases of priests on little boys, one of the constant tactics was to attack the little boys and the families of the little boys and whomever stuck up for the little boys.

    The whole attacking of the athletes who try to lay out the drug abuse game, is extremely psychologically similar to the way the Catholic church and other parishioners would attack the little boys and their defenders. Now we know how that whole sordid ordeal was constructed. It is ugly to watch the same tactics be used against the riders who come out against doping.

  5. I agree with DeCanio’s anti-doping ideal, but I can’t stand reading him, and I can’t imagine listening to him, as his tone is generally about one step from the guy who hollers at ghosts on the subway or your local street corner. I’ve tried to read his site, but it’s just so amatuerish and generally bat-shit insane.

    He made a choice to dope, and the string of events both before he took epo and then after, clearly fucked with his head. He has this whole messiah complex thing going on that just makes me cringe anytime he says anything.

    He has cited Dave Clinger’s descent into facial-tattooing madness, along with his own battles with mental illness, as resulting from taking EPO, but thousands of patients have been legitamately prescribed EPO, and they all haven’t gone Maori. I think it’s the shame, anger, and sense of victimhood that has caused at least a portion of Decanio and Clinger’s madness.

  6. “I am the undisputed expert and leader of the anti-doping movement.”

    Tell me he really didn’t write that. Please. Decanio is a few tacos short of a Fiesta Platter and is a walking advertisment for the need for more mental health resources in this country.

  7. Still crazy as a shit house rat after all these years Decanio eh?

    You got dumped from your former team, not because of your anti doping message, but the way that you presented it. Instead of trying to do something positive, you kept making accusations that did not hold up, to, well, anything. I hate whiney rich kids.

  8. Too lazy to look up the timing, but EPO would only give you a benefit if you had a lower hematocrit than those you are competing against, and for years hematocrit was the only thing that could be tested…so, EPO would be good if you had a low hematocrit, but if it was naturally close to 50, than you wouldn’t have much to gain. 34? Yeah, it would help level the playing field.

    So what was Lance’s magic transformation? hard to say, but in fairness I dont’ think you can assume his sudden prosperity was due to EPO. And I heard the B samples were never truly confirmed, that it was just speculation, no solid data ever released etc.

    Probably just Schumi’s wonderful training tips!

  9. I sit in rapt attention, reading & picking up info from the above contributers. Plenty of interesting & contrasting points are being made.


    There is something intrinsically unbalanced about DeCanio’s standing on a soapbox & ranting, “SEE ME AS VICTIM”. Anything worthwhile he might have to offer gets negated w/ the act. Not to say the man doesn’t speak the truth as he knows it.

  10. Decanio is a fucking baby because of one reason…He is not on the payroll anymore…Pure and simple. His mouth would be stapled shut if he was still making 50k a year as a bike racer. Believe it that Tyler, Floyd, and of course Lance are still making bank, why? because they still keep their mouths shut and ride the gravy train. Good or Bad, that is the way it is. Luckily now he has mom and dad’s trust fund to back his website, his mouth, and the rest of his bullshit, “I will purposly finish at the back of the pack in NRC races crap.” If you want to be an expert, go get a college degree in biology/chemisty and fucking work for WADA or IOC. Until then spare us the victim bullshit, nobody made you stick a needle in your ass or arm or where ever. I didn’t, I just quit and got a masters degree….and ride everyday because I love the sport.

  11. Many of you will be glad to know that Matt Decanio is doing well. He moved back in with his mother and father 9 months ago, currently is unemployed, and is still working hard with stolen underground.