Klöden considers hanging it up

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A reader writes:

From: fritzaholic
Subject: Kloden
Is it me, or is he setting up his defense for his failed test?

Andreas Klöden is sweating jail time. Something has him worried.

“Maybe I will quit completely, I fear that the sport will become criminalized and people will end up in prison,” added Klöden. “What will happen if somebody pours something banned into my salad? I would then be tested positive and I’d go to prison. I really do not want that, I have a family. All this doesn’t make any sense anymore.”

Source: velonews.com

So why is he worried about prison? The only thing that “criminalized” is that which is already criminal – possession of performance-enhancing drugs, the complicity to facilitate and incite the use of doping products, drug trafficking, smuggling and the like. There is nothing new that would threaten the innocent with the loss of their liberty.

We’re not talking about something that can be poured on salad.

Unless you’re into Hamilton’s Chimera Vinaigrette.

I hear 50% of all proceeds to his “defense” fund.

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2 Replies to “Klöden considers hanging it up”

  1. What’s more interesting is this assertion:

    “I know it sounds fanciful,” he said. “In cycling the UCI and ASO are fighting for the Tour. People are plotting things; everyone is wishing the worst for everyone else. A lot of money is at stake. What if some people are manipulating things, ruining things, in order to take control of what’s left?”

    In the proud tradition of anarchists everywhere, and defending the right of the individual over the evil corporation, i gotta suggest – what if Kloden has a point?

    Do we get positives from Vinokourov because people don’t trust him, and don’t root for him, but Contador skates because he makes people believe in the power of youth?

    these are questions too large to answer right now. But the DeCanio essay farther down the page would suggest that powers greater than a single cyclist or team have a hand in who wins and who loses.

  2. Unless you’re into Hamilton’s Chimera Vinaigrette. hehe.. bustin up

    beer time. I would say that Klöden should just walk and get away from this sport..