Real clean

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I did not watch the stage finish this morning for the first time since the Tour started. I just couldn’t. I packed up my daughter and took her to daycare before it ended. We had sat together on the sofa and watched all the other stages end. But not today.

I did, however, have the t.v. on while my daughter and I had breakfast. I am not made of stone!

And The Frenchie took it. Well deserved, I’m sure.

I’ve heard the French have one of the most robust anti-doping and testing regimes out there. Funny how once the Tour a) clamps down on doping and b) throws out the most blatant of cyclists, the French suddenly become more competitive. They’ve won two stages so far this year. Two, oddly enough, also being the same number of wrecks caused by wayward dogs in this years Tour.

Read this one from I think she’s on to something.

Then check out this email.

From: The Dark Lord Of Santa Cruz
Subject: when you thought all hope was lost
So, amid the drugs and accusations and assorted skullduggery at the tour this year, there’s this beautiful counterbalance:

“Oh no, Luke doesn’t take drugs at the best of times, not even an aspirin if he has a headache. He does take some cod liver oil tablets, but apart from that he’s doing this largely on Coca Cola and jam butties.”

That man is keeping it real.

Real clean.

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One Reply to “Real clean”

  1. My day was slightly different:
    Got up.
    Turned on the Tour.
    Had a cup of tea.
    Took a big Rasmussen.

    Tip of the old cycling cap to the ‘Kinsta”. Kinky Friedman, the ‘Original Texas Jewboy’, musician, author & Texas gubernatorial candidate, who to this day, still starts his morning by taking a big ‘Nixon’.

    Cheers, Kinsta !!