I am going to speak about all that when Germany is ready to listen to me

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This could be huge.

Germany’s 1997 Tour de France champion Jan Ullrich will tell all about the allegations of his taking drugs once the German public are ready to listen he told a German satellite television channel on Monday.

The 33-year-old retired in February having been sacked by Team T-Mobile last year when he was linked to the Spanish ‘Operation Puerto’ doping investigation, which has also engulfed several other riders since May 2006.

The German, who has always denied being involved in the doping network uncovered by police in Spain, told Sat.1 that he had a fair idea of what he would say once he believed the German public were ready to listen.

“I am going to speak about all that when Germany is ready to listen to me,” said Ullrich.

“I have already written down some things and thought about what I want to say.

“At some point all that will come out.”

Source: turkishpress.com

A man in Ullrich’s position has undoubtedly seen an awful lot. Think he’ll let it all see the light of day?

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7 Replies to “I am going to speak about all that when Germany is ready to listen to me”

  1. I think all the racers who are articulate are already known, they do race diaries or have something on thier sites. Unfortunately many racers have forgone education for the saddle. Not enough people who’ve gone through this last era have told thier story.
    It’s also why the athletes of this sport wont unionize.
    People on thier own, espescially young ones (not that Jan has that excuse anymore) under pressure, will more likely make the wrong choices. A union would help.

    When Jan sings, it’s almost sure to be off-key.

  2. ouch.

    I’m ready and I only have a little german in me.

    And by a little German, I mean my wife’s two fingers in my ass.

    Drop the bomb already, my rectum is sore.


  3. Perfect Case Scenario:
    Full Amnesty declared.
    Top players (you choose) sit down for the “Big Reveal”.
    All of it. No more hidden agendas. Finger pointing doesn’t matter cuz every rider/doctor/whoever will now be honest & open for the good of the sport.

    Total acceptance of the afore mentioned.

    No more, “I heard, I think, I guess, he/she implied”, speculative imaginings.

    Re-financed, competent, open to scrutiny, drug testing laboratories.

    Cooperative cycling & race associations, who’s foremost concern is the good of the sport & its riders, fans & sponsors, not its own reputation & financial structure.

    Throw in some honest promises, apologies, handshakes, pats on the back and ……
    ……wait, I forgot we’re actually talking about Human Nature here.

    Fuck, now I’ve exposed myself as a total idiot for even considering this.

  4. While the “bicycling” magazine argument was credible and interesting, the commentary posted on DC more credible (of a greater understanding) argument then that from the ‘formal logic’ class posted on the “Freakonomics” site, though I did enjoy the book.

  5. I think amnesty is a good idea, but am not so naive that Lance will ever sit down and say “I went to Ferari to get . . . . . . . “