We’re all devo!

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Happy Pills

  • 1 in 10 American women take antidepressants on a daily basis, tripling in the past decade.
  • In 2002 6% of boys were taking antidepressants and another 14% of the were on prescription stimulants for ADHD etc.
  • In 1999-2000, overall 44% of Americans were taking at least one prescription drug. 17% of Americans were taking three or more.

And we as society expect athletes to somehow survive superhuman tests of strength and endurance on “bread and water alone.” Riiiight.

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About Brad

Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

9 Replies to “We’re all devo!”

  1. I read an article that said scientists in the UK tested the Thames, and it hadso much Prozac residue in the water it was scary. I mean if enough people are taking it to be found when testing the river…

    thats fucked.

    no wonder women are all so fucking crazy.

  2. I completely fucking agree. We have a big problem in our society whne the solution to everything is to take a pill. (Good thing I’m not depressed and I can still get a woody on my own…, and I still have a full head of hair, and no high blood pressure, and I don’t have restless leg syndrome, blah blah blah)

  3. I have restless leg syndrome and you know what? I nut up and deal with it by riding my bike.

    Lets not forget about all of the anti-biotics people are taking that are a) making stronger strains of viruses and b) killing all of the beneficial bacteria in our bodies and ecosystems.

    No pills for me, just natural stuff like booze, weed and pure, raw, uncut Colombian marching powder.