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8 Replies to “Cows everywhere agree…”

  1. you’re just cow pooing in the soup Big Jon

    I am going to get a playground bully to get you to just shut you the fuck up!

    QUOTE: Armstrong himself has at times demonstrated a ‘gangster’ mentality which has hardly encouraged people to warm to him and his victories, nor to believe that he is truly committed to seeing the problem of drug use addressed. Consider the way he gave Simeoni that infamous ‘zip the lips’ gesture and forced him to drop back to the bunch after Simeoni spoke up about Ferrari’s promotion of EPO. (Actions which William Fotheringham said showed Armstrong to have ‘all the diplomatic skills of a playground bully’). Similarly Armstrong reportedly pressurised Christopher Bassons not to speak out on drug taking, telling him that if he ‘couldn’t stand the heat he should stay out of the kitchen’ and following him around during stages of the Tour in an attempt to intimidate him into not ‘spitting in the soup’. / QUOTE


  2. where was it that i was reading about how one sort of doping or another has always gone on in cycling and other such sports? certainly the “drugs” weren’t as sophisticated or clinical as they are now or have been recently, but athletes have probably been taking a form of performance enhancer for as long as there have been contests of endurance or strength. it only makes sense.

  3. Wow, since it’s looking pretty obvious that everyone else was doping that makes Lance even more of a stud, right?

  4. The odd thing about train wrecks is that we can’t stop watching them…no matter how sad they become.

  5. Lance is a fucking asshole. ..and I mean beyond just because he behaves like someone beggin for a belt in the gob.
    I mean in this instance that his former position as defacto leader of the most covered and important race in the pro-cycling calendar gave him a unique opportunity to do some good. He *could’ve* used that position to affect a real change. He had the ear of media far beyond the cycling-centric news reports, more than anyone else and that reach could’ve been used to lobby and pressure for a substantive and positive impact.

    ..but he didn’t cause he’s a dirty greedy small minded cunt, so fuck him.

  6. He didn’t ’cause he’d never have been there without the drugs. A friend and I were talking the other day about the positive attention that Armstrong brought to the sport and whether it in any way tempered the fact that he was in all probability doped. Our ultimate conclusion was that positive attention as a result of a juiced athlete only served to drive a bigger nail through a bigger board and slap the sport of cycling right in the ass. After ’98, people were ready to change. ’99 rolled around and then people realized that not only had things not changed, they had to up their game an order of magnitude just to compete. Some did it well, others not so well, but ultimately we were all flowing down the same shit-crusted sewer pipe to where we are now. Fucking Disco riders can’t give an opinion on doping or Rasmussen being thrown out?? What the fuck is that? Guilty conscience you fuckers? Rasmussen was so obviously juiced that you’d have to be psyched to see him thrown off the race if you were a clean guy. I’m sick of this shit. I sit here patiently awaiting the next fuckbag to step up and get his square on the chin. The more the merrier. The racing will only get better as a result.