Handmade Bicycle Show ’09 – Pittsburgh?

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Could the Handmade Bicycle Show find its way to Pittsburgh come 2009?


Past years have seen the show in Houston and San Jose, and for 2008 the Handmade show is scheduled for February 8 – 10 in Portland, Oregon. The show’s founder and behind the scenes workhorse Don Walker is looking to move the show east for ’09, and Pittsburgh is in the running. Earlier this evening over a delicious Primanti’s sandwich (featureing slaw and fries on the sandwich, where they belong) we at Urban Velo met with Don and family to discuss the possibility of his most excellent bicycle show making its way to town. While this is no New York or San Francisco, Pittsburgh does sport a strong cycling scene, relative close proximity to a few other major cities and a pretty remarkable convention center, known as the largest “green” building in the world due in part to its water conservation systems and naturally lit exhibition space.

We have our fingers crossed that Don can make some magic happen in his meeting with convention center officials and bring some jewelry quality bicycles to the Iron City.

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