Schumi Schumacher? Who the fuck is that?

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Let’s review the crux of the video Big Jonny posted, I’ve transcribed it for you:

Neal Rogers: “We introduced the viewer questions here, and we got quite a few. We have one here from Greg, and Greg didn’t include his last name and if you are going to send into VeloNews Inc dot com please include your last name and where you’re from, but ahhhh, his question for Dave”

Dave Zabriskie: [interrupting] “Don’t use fake names please, because that’s what I would do.”

Neal Rogers: “If you were going to use a fake name, what would you use?”

Dave Zabriskie: “ahhhh …. Schumi Schumacher …. “[laughs]

What in the fuck was Dave Z. Talking about?

While doing a web search on “camper vans, Dr. Ferrari, Lance Armstrong, doping” I found this!

The Enigma Machine Code Breaking Link

Whereas the relevant text (long) from even longer piece is:

If Mr. Armstrong is the Hulk Hogan of cycling to some, to others he is Andre the Giant, the enormous wrestler who often played the evil counterpart to Mr. Hogan. And Mr. Armstrong’s former conditioning consultant, Dr. Michele Ferrari, is the equivalent of the shifty wrestling manager who holds an opponent’s neck under the ropes when the ref isn’t looking.

SCA attorneys questioned Mr. Armstrong’s relationship to Dr. Ferrari, calling him “the most notorious doping doctor of all sports.”

In 2004, an Italian court convicted Dr. Ferrari of sporting fraud but acquitted him of an allegation that he distributed doping products to athletes. The conviction was overturned, but he never lost his reputation as someone who reportedly told a French newspaper, “EPO is not dangerous; it’s the abuse that is. It’s also dangerous to drink 10 liters of orange juice.”

Mr. Armstrong’s attorneys say that the doctor was misquoted and that he was referring to legitimate medical uses of EPO. Dr. Ferrari’s critics say he knows how and when to use performance-enhancing drugs so that they won’t be detected in drug tests of athletes.

Supporters say he legitimately mastered the science of cycling. He could tell a rider exactly what weight he needed to be to make the fastest climb in mountain stages. And if an opponent gained a lead, he could calculate when he would tire out.

In one e-mail entered into evidence, Mr. Armstrong tells a friend before the 2004 Tour de France, “tests are good (even schumi is psyched).”

SCA attorneys argued that the e-mail was code for performance-enhancing drugs and Dr. Ferrari. Mr. Armstrong said that they were psychological and climbing tests and that “Schumi” was simply a nickname, comparing the doctor to the top driver for the Ferrari Formula One racing team, Michael Schumacher.

In other testimony, Betsy Andreu, the wife of former teammate Frankie Andreu, described riding in a car with Mr. Armstrong and stopping in a small Italian town en route to the 1999 Milan-San Remo cycling race. She said Mr. Armstrong met with Dr. Ferrari for an hour in the doctor’s camper van, which was parked in a hotel lot to avoid the media.

“I was in there for a brief meeting, check body fat and body composition,” Mr. Armstrong testified. “But I understand the insinuation that I went in and got doped up the day before Milan-San Remo. I’ve heard that, but that’s not what happened.”

Ohhhhh ….. now I see …. Dave Z is going to post all over the internet, the Code Name Lance used for that illustrious “trainer”, Dr. Ferrari!

Now don’t forget, Dave Z rode for USPS, that has now become Discovery. They left under less than amiable circumstances.

With Dave Z, there is a bit more than meets the eye. Dave Z, Superhero, inserted an awesome little comment, about the secret code of another, in secret code(?), for the insiders that possibly were playing the omerta game.


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11 Replies to “Schumi Schumacher? Who the fuck is that?”

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  2. Awesome!

    But then the big question is this..
    If Schumi was so freak’n smart, why did Tyler and Vino get busted? Were they not both under the doctor’s orders?

  3. Short of Dick Cheney authorizing his abduction and torture, Dr. Ferarri’s secrets will remain the missing part of this puzzle.

  4. It’s also possible you all think too much of that UT idiot – “Schumi” Schumacher can also refer to Stefan Schumacher, the Gerolsteiner rider. Funny name + guy you’re racing with = blind fascination.

  5. WOW ! You could be right. You may have uncovered the secret key code that unlocks the door w/ all the answers hidden behind. The nefarious goings-on may now be magically revealed. The omerta finally broken & it’s soft white underbelly exposed to the light of day. YAA!

    Then again, you may have based your extrapolation on the flippant answers of a laconic, tired & slightly bored Dave Z.

  6. ….better than a gale dribble which i believe is a storm w/out much rain…

  7. Dave Z drops the Schumi remark and what, like 2 days later he misses the cut off and goes home…coincidence?