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11 Replies to “The Nuclear Option has been Used”


  2. 1. RASMUSSEN Michael
    2. CONTADOR Alberto
    3. EVANS Cadel
    4. LEIPHEIMER Levi
    5. SASTRE Carlos
    6. ZUBELDIA Haimar
    7. VALVERDE Alejandro
    8. KIRCHEN Kim
    9. POPOVYCH Yaroslav
    10. SOLER HERNANDEZ Juan Mauricio
    11. ASTARLOZA Mikel
    12. PEREIRO SIO Oscar
    13. ARROYO David
    14. MAYO Iban
    15. HORNER Christopher
    16. KARPETS Vladimir
    17. BOOGERD Michael
    18. SCHLECK Frank
    19. BELTRAN Manuel
    20. VALJAVEC Tadej

    If you took out all the cheats, who should be wearing yellow?

  3. Maybe Sastre.

    CSCs internal blood volume and other blood profiles make it pretty hard to dope.

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  5. the pressure is on the teams to clean up their act…seems ironic doesn’t it?