Rasmussen out of Tour

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I had put this in as an edit to Bush43’s post, but thought better of it. He can speak with his own voice.

Yellow jersey Michael Rasmussen will reportedly not be at the start of the Tour de France’s 17th stage Thursday morning according to L’Equipe. He was withdrawn from the race by his Rabobank team for reasons which were not specified. Rasmussen won Wednesday’s Stage 16 finishing at Col d’Aubisque.

Source: cyclingnews.com

Holy shit!

Holy fucking shit!

After watching today’s stage with my daughter and a cup of coffee (ok, several cups of coffee) I thought Rasmussen had the Tour sewn up. All over but the crying.

The crying starts now.

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29 Replies to “Rasmussen out of Tour”

  1. No Problemo Dark Overlord,

    I thought that … where did I hear or see that yesterday … I think it was the Brits for ProCycling give a podcast … that may be right …

    anyway … they were saying that Rasmussen lied yesterday .. that he lied about the UCI contact he made to clear up his not posting his whereabouts …

    and then I saw it several places .. and the way the journalists were drumming this seemingly small detail up …

    you knew .. you just knew Rasmussen had a big, big problem with lying .. and it was known throughout the peloton and cycling world that he was about as truthful as the Bush Regime just after a big syringe full of “I am a war President” heroin.

    Waiting for more riders / others to jump in with Michael’s veracity problems.

    Where’s Chopper when you need him?

  2. i think, by order-of-succession rules, as of now almost anyone who rides bikes at all is officially on the short-list for promotion to a tour team for next year’s race.

    i’m hoping liquigas taps me, if only because they’ve got the best team-name-to-fart-joke ratio.

  3. DAMN IT!!!! The bastards are making it hard to be a fan of anyone and the tour itself now sometimes. I guess I’ll just go fondle my donkey.

  4. ….hopefully, I’ll get a contract with Agritubel….then, I’ll finally know what the fuck “Agritubel” is….

    oh fuck all…..

  5. I’ll go out on a limb and say this is good for cycling. They’re not only kicking out the cheats, but they’re all kicking out the teams. Rabobank only sacked The Chicken to avoid the request to leave the Tour. The pressure in the peloton and within the team to not cheat has got to be increasing. You think Kloden is happy now? (of course, he’s a cheatin fuck as well…) It will be interesting to see how may orange jerseys are on the line tomorrow, if any. It will also make Saturday’s time trial VERY interesting…if you care about the other cheaters that are still left…

  6. Exactly the sort of laxative purge the sport has desperately needed for years. A yellow jersey who wins a critical stage with a fair amount of panache while being booed (or was that mooed?) by the crazies lining the climb? Has that ever happened before? They get it! Rabobank no doubt faced some external pressure to act, but on some level they decided they’d rather have their name associated with taking a principled stand on the issue than be associated with a tainted Tour winner. Bravo!

  7. i only hope it is good for cycling.

    i spent the evening bowling. it was a good night, aside from the alley playing Kate Bush. WTF is that shit?

    Seriously. I have very little rules about what goes down in a bowling alley, but KATE FUCKING BUSH ?!!?!?!

    that is just plain sacrelige (sp).

  8. I think all the professional sports have the same problems with doping, think about soccer (at least in europe), athletics, swimming, body building etc. But road cycling is currently the most monitored sport in the anti-doping campaign, so you get this large amount of dope-related news in the media. But believe me, the situation in other sports is the same or even more dramatic. Think about the mostly hormonal-oriented doping in soccer, body building, weight-lifting…
    I would like 2 different categories of pro sports could exist:

    “A category” = doping is forbidden.

    “B-category” = doping is permitted but:

    1- an athlete must mandatory put his/her signature on detailed documentation proving the health risks related to frequent/intense doping practice.
    2- if an athlete receives some kind of health damage proved to be coming from the doping pratice, he/she has no more rights in state/public medical assistance: he will have to pay by himself/herself all the medical examinations / medicines / therapies etc.
    3- If owner of a medical insurance, the agreement should be dismissed if the health damage is proved to be coming from the doping pratice.
    4- a doped athlete (b-type) must communicate periodically the whole list of the doping substances he/she uses. If caught using dope outside of the previously communicated list, he/she should be punished as in 1,2,3. (so, anti-doping checks should be made the same for the B-type athletes, but just to ensure they tell the truth about their “list”…)

    As told before, for an A-type athlete doping is strictly forbidden: if an A-type is caught in doping practices, he should be stopped in his/her pro career, denying to him/her the future access to B category also (this one, in my opinion, is the most important point: if you want to dope yourself, you had the possibility to do it as a B-type athlete!)

    By the way, we are discussing about the pharma-oriented doping, while I guess someone in the world is already thinking about the genetics-based “doping” (genetic engineering applyied to human beings, in order to create new born people already fitted for some kind of sports, like i.e. a super-tall man as a future basket player. You could be even not talented at all for basket, but if you are 2,80 mt tall…).


  9. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a stage today.. best ive seen EVER!!!!!!!!

  10. Agritubel?

    It’s a small, pannier packable stove. Generally used in French cooking, at picnics, for the preparation of chicken.

    It’s the only known stove, that can make chicken not taste like chicken, but it actually tastes just like a danish.

  11. fuck the tour

    fuck the tour

    fuck the tour

    Im off to suck down my 3rd litre, and maybe sip a bit of Knockando.
    I also bought Gentleman Jack and plan on tipping a bit of that later this week.

    Its good to be unemployed sometimes.

    oh yeah…


  12. joe=unemployed also, maybe its beer time.. haha
    joe+vegas+bikes+beer+ being home=drinking..

  13. Who’s the doctor?
    Who’s the doctor?
    Who’s the doctor?

    Quote: Bergsma said the team learned that Team officials learned that when Rasmussen had claimed to be in Mexico – where his wife lives – he had actually been in Italy, working with an as-of-yet-unnamed doctor. /Quote

    from Velonews: http://www.velonews.com/tour2007/details/articles/12944.0.html

    This is gonna get GOOD!

    Who’s the doctor?
    Who’s the doctor?
    Who’s the doctor?

  14. Actually a camper van.

    That’s how he would meet Armstrong in out of the way rest areas when they just happened to be “traveling” on the same road.

    This is documented.

    Armstrong would go over to the camper van, get his most excellent training advice, and continue on his way as a happy little camper van visitor.

  15. Is “IbelieveRasmussen” a domain name yet?



    Have at it!

  16. Holy MooChicken!

    Schumi Schumaker makes an appearance!

    Call What Game Play right now!

    check this out:
    QUOTE: This is a world, according to Armstrong adversaries, where top-rated cyclists traveled to out-of-the-way rendezvous in a camper van with a doctor who Mr. Armstrong called “Schumi.” Where, on race rest days, couriers carried in drugs in refrigerated compartments attached to their motorcycles. Where a Belgian bike mechanic transported drugs to cyclists in their hotel rooms by hiding them in the hollowed-out heels of his clogs./QUOTE

    From here:

  17. I trust them all, am i a fool? not.. just love cycling.
    karma is a bitch.. why not just let it beeeeeeeeee. someone always
    has to use the term CYA.. fuckit.. corp bullshit

    owell beer time..

  18. Can’t say I’m sorry to see him go……I was yelling at the TV this morning for Levi and Contador to attack him and take him down. It’s damn sad for the sport though…..the dominant theme for the posts above seems to be to start drinking…..I’ve got a case of Yuengling calling my name….

  19. Guys our link is not working right, if you are having issues go to the following link


  20. …like cleaning the whole house w/ a toothbrush. At least the project is underway.

    We’re surrounded by a lot of other houses that need a good cleaning but most of the tenants show little intent or concern.

  21. goddamn IT get the fuck off of Lance. What makes you think he could get away with that shit when these guys can’t. Vino has an entire nation backing him and he got caught, the Chicken has a huge dutch bank backing him and he got caught. It’s like blaming Clinton for Bush’s stupidity. This ain’t about Lance. This is about the Chicken, Vino, and Tyler,maybe Floyd, Festina, and Goddamn Fucking EDDIE THE FUCKING CANNIBAL MERCKX, my heroes, Marco and the shitkicking Lion of Flanders and every other fucker that got caught. They cheated, fucking period.

  22. @speedy:
    are you serious, man? is your point that lance pharmstrong did NOT dope? or just didn’t get caught red-handed?
    actually, the danish chicken didn’t fail any test during or before the tour, so, legally spoken, he’s not a doper. just like lance, actually… michael just didn’t show up for testing….