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I’ve GOT to get me some Oxyglobin®.

Look at these product details!

Oxyglobin is the only treatment that provides immediate relief from the clinical signs of anemia in dogs. In addition, the product’s attributes and oxygen-carrying properties fill a need in veterinary medicine because they address many of the obstacles surrounding the treatment of anemia in dogs.

So what if I bark like a dog? An urge to urinate on solitary bushes? Growl at strangers? Sneak up on the couch and sleep belly up when nobody else is home?

They’ve been feeding Rasmussen some Kibbles. He eats from a bowl.
But damn, how else can a pure climber time trial like he’s Indurian (albeit a bit short on EPO)!

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  1. This is too funny. I’m a veterinarian. When you give animals Oxyglobin you have to monitor them with hemoglobin levels instead of a PCV or hematocrit. I always wondered why I never heard about pro cyclists using the stuff… until now.