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9 Replies to “Cheney will be prez tomorrow”

  1. Jonny: You might want to make a post tomorrow evening, just so we know that Dick hasn’t shipped you to secret prison in Bulgaria.

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  3. Let me get this straight. Bush’s ass gets to be President while it’s being examined?

  4. What will they find up there besides Cheney’s wristwatch? Dosen’t Bush have his head up his ass?

  5. What Do You Think They’ll Find In Bush’s ass, besides Dick Cheney’s wrist watch, his head? Isn’t Bush’s head usualy up his ass?

  6. ….hey, I’m getting my ass examined and that godamn dickslap Cheney didn’t even call me…dude, WTF??….

  7. Bush’s ass gets to be President for a couple of hours? What if it takes a huge dump on the Constitution or something?

  8. Bush is nothing but Cheney’s hand puppet. Cheney must remove hand for Bush’s rectal exam and emerges from the shadows blinking at the bright light of day and realizes he would much rather be behind the curtain. Shit, do you think that ass wants to be on TV every day trying to explain how well the war on terrorism is going? Dick just can’t wait to slip his hand back into the warm darkness of the Curious George sock puppet.