Not quite ready for prime time

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And, it finally dropped. You can now download your own copy of Deborah J. Palfrey’s 1994-2006 Telephone Records from her Escort Service here:

You know, for posterity ‘n shit.

The best part for me? Larry Flint & the gang over at Hustler Magazine are beating Senator David Vitter (R-LA), a completly hypocritical douchebag if ever there was one, over the head with it.

You go get ’em, Larry!

A call from Hustler magazine may have prompted a Louisiana Republican senator to expose his past with an escort service run by the so-called “D.C. Madam,” the Blotter on has learned.


How much of a hypocrit is he? Well, he was, until recently anyway, what can only be called “a leading Christian social conservative”. Glenn Greenwald over at is running a list of juicey “I’m a fucking douchebag” quotes and other interesting background on our Dear Mr. Vitter. Oh, it’s just too much…

Why is one not exactly gob-smacked to find that a leading Republican Christianist was once a client of the DC Madam? I mean, a leading evangelical opponent of gay equality, Ted Haggard, was hiring a male hooker. We had the leading Republican campaigner against hooking up with minors online … hassling adolescent pages with IMs. We had Newt Gingrich committing adultery while impeaching Clinton. Why should we expect anything different from senator David Vitter?

More on that over at

Oh, good times. And Mrs. Vitter is all about chopping off a way-ward penis. Just ask her.

Asked by an interviewer in 2000 whether she could forgive her husband if she learned he’d had an extramarital affair, as Hillary Clinton and Bob Livingston’s wife had done, Wendy Vitter told the Times-Picayune: “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he does something like that, I’m walking away with one thing, and it’s not alimony, trust me.”


Vitter just screwed the pooch. And I for one, couldn’t be happier about it. Pound sand, assbag.

In other, seemingly unrelated blogness…

9/11 wasn’t an “intelligence failure” any more than the Iraq War, and yet we have this reified notion that it “could have been prevented” if only someone had been able to “connect the dots.” Indeed, in retrospect, it is evident that had information followed a slightly different series of paths, passed over a slightly different series of desks, been aggregated in a more efficacious manner and presented by more politically well-positioned agents, operatives, and appointees, the specific plot to fly planes into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon might possibly have been disrupted. And if the Hindenburg had been filled with helium . . .


Kunstler lays in to Live Earth:

Looming behind the spectacle like some Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon, is the puffy figure of Al Gore, who has managed to turn his journalistic accomplishment into something uncomfortably like a Nuremberg rally….

The last thing we need now is the carefully packaged postures of concern from “stars.” Al Gore could do a lot more good militating to get regular hourly passenger train service running between Nashville and Atlanta, or stomping his state, from Memphis to Chattanooga for swapping sales tax on regular merchandise for a higher tax on gasoline. Or, he could just put aside his pretensions for being a kind of global Wizard of Oz and just cut the shit and run for president of the US, where he might actually make a difference.

Source: Clusterfuck Nation

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