Full Circle

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I never, in a million years, thought I would agree with anything written, said or even inferred by the likes of Pat Buchanan. I don’t even care for the man’s shadow.

It seems that hell just froze over. In July. Must be the Global Warming.

Whatever the motives of President Bush, this was a radical not a conservative act. Whoever pressured Bush to wipe out Scooter’s sentence was more a friend of Scooter than a friend of Bush. For the president has damaged his reputation as a just ruler, so Scooter could elude what other men have to face.

Will the student deferments for these fellows never end?

The act reeks of cronyism. The perception is that Scooter Libby got preferential treatment, a get-out-of-jail-free card because he was chief of staff to Cheney and assistant to Bush.

That perception is correct.

Because of whom he knew, Scooter got preferential treatment, big-time. The Godfather took care of the consigliere.

Source: townhall.com

Whomever said “politics makes for strange bedfellows” wasn’t kidding.

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