I cannot wait for this to drop

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More stuff in the “day late & a dollar short” category (this happened yesterday), but still, this is going to be great.

So you wanna fuck a call girl? Pretend you’re in a porno movie?

Great. Go for it.

Just don’t come crying to me when she drops a dime on your ugly ass.

Today, a federal judge denied the government’s attempts to keep Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the D.C. madam, from disseminating her business’ phone records. Now she’s free to do what she will with them.

The government sought a restraining order on Palfrey back in March, too late to stop her from giving most of her records (Palfrey says it was about 80% of years 2002 to 2006) to ABC News, which busily matched thousands of numbers to names.

Source: tpmmuckraker.com

Palfrey, better known as the DC Madam, ran a lucrative whorehouse that provided “escorts” to the high and mighty of Washington. Her list, it is said, contains 15,000 names of high-profile Washington types who used the services of her ladies of the evening.

The feds fought like hell to keep the list secret, winning a temporary restraining order earlier but the judge lifted that order this week, saying the government had not supplied any compelling reason to keep the list secret.

According to sources, the Bush Administration ordered the Justice Department to do everything in its power to keep the list under court seal because a number of high ranking presidential appointees are on the list – others besides Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, who resigned after revelations that he used the girls gone wild from Palfrey’s service.

Another rabid right-winger, Washington Times columnist Harlan Ullman, who is part of the conservative Center for Strategic and International Studies, made the list as well.

Source: capitolhillblue.com

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

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