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4 Replies to “Why? Because I can, that’s why.”

  1. Jesus…. I’ve actually pedalled ’round this worthless piece of crap: The Moscow Area Agricultural Loop Tour.


    Or at least damn close to it. It sucks.

    But I would like to give ‘ol White Bird a run one day. The old road I mean. That fucker just looks mean as fuck. I’ve driven Route 95 and seen the old road grade off to my right. Thing looks like an Tour stage.

    Map: http://www.hikeidaho.com/…dhwhitds.gif

    Info: http://www.visitidaho.org/thingstodo

    It climbs something like 4,429 feet in elevation in 14 miles. Two words: “hairpin curves”. Yeah, that kind of mean.

    You can see part of it here: http://www.biketrip2001.com/…WhitebirdRd.JPG

  2. I’m writing this from the middle of Montana and I would also like add my state, along with Wyoming and North Dakota to this list. Not only do we have more cows than Idaho, I’ll bet that we’ve got more “mouth breathers” too.
    Perhaps the whole region could become its own country.
    Asswipistan or something.

    Actually, I don’t mind it here. It’s a good place to raise kids and ride a bike.

  3. i think that you guys are totally on track with how big a pile of shit idaho really is. the best thing about idaho is I-84 which shows off the most beautiful part of the state. all i can say is “keep on driving bitches.” but let me add a couple of things about this post from snake…if you are comparing it to utah then i would have to point out that idaho sells beer (no 3.2% here for the tribe of moroni either) and liquor around the clock 7 days a week if you have a liquor store in your area which was grandfathered in. we don;t measure our shots out in little glasses before mixing a drink either. if you don’t shudder when you drink an idaho cocktail you just have to send it back for more.
    can i point out the irony though that this old, played out idaho link was written by some fag from Utah?

  4. maddox really is air tight when it comes to his rants. he knew that potatos are modified stems, not a root like most non-biologically literate people might think. i have never set foot in idaho, missoula is as close as i got. eastern montana is a waste. other than medora, ND probably sucks. but you can take my word for it, NE arkansas would be near the top of your crappiest places list. however, i don’t really recommend you come here to see for yourself. look me up if you do, though.