Nice Bell…

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So, I’m checking out Velonews early on a Saturday morning. I’ve already fed the entire female side of the family with bacon and eggs pre-shopping insanity day trip, (I’m staying home, thank you) done the dishes and made myself a cup of coffee. Site down at the laptop, read what Nik has to say, click, click, click around the web and what the fuck?

Is this thing photoshopped?

One big ass bell


What the hell kind of race trophy is that? Hey kid, good looking out, here is your 50 pound bell. Made by a local craftsmen in the traditional fashion, bells such as these are the pride of our mountain top village.

I don’t know whether to be more impressed with his stage win or the fact that he managed to lift that thing over his head. What, is he on the juice?

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4 Replies to “Nice Bell…”

  1. Dude that would be the best race trophy EVER!

    Bring that bitch to a cross race and you’ll be a hero.

  2. That’s not a cow bell, its actually an inverted metal casting of Floyd’s
    scrotum made after last yrs tour. That explains the eleveated testosterone levels!