Floyd Landis book dropping June 26

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Just in time for the summer and sure to take care of your beach reading needs. I’d buy it, but I already know how it ends.

…“I did not use performance-enhancing drugs in the 2006 Tour de France or any other time in my career,” Landis writes in the book. “All I ever did was train.”

That much we already knew. Deny, deny, deny.

…In an epilogue, Landis writes that he witnessed Geoghegan’s phone call and was shocked by his manager’s attempt to intimidate LeMond by bringing up LeMond’s previously undisclosed history of being sexually abused as a child. So shocked, he writes, that he immediately decided Geoghegan should be fired.

“The only thing I knew right away was that Will needed to go,” Landis writes. “I went to his room and helped him pack his things.”

Oh. Really. Why didn’t you hand him his walking papers right then and there?

Geoghegan went to the hearing with Landis the next day and sat behind Landis’s defense table, and was not fired until after LeMond testified.

That doesn’t really look good, now does it?

Source: nytimes.com

Can this end any way but badly?

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3 Replies to “Floyd Landis book dropping June 26”

  1. Floyd should take a page from Basso’s book, entitled “I took all kinds of shit. Kick you asses up a hill drug free in 2 years, bitches”

    Oh right, he can’t. Cycling’s one-hit-wonder needs his vitamin T to get up the hills. Have fun swimming with your pal Tyler in the river deNile.

    I say take the admit doing the drugs, and get a good publicist. Make a reality show. Write a REAL book. Ham it up. Be a commentator like bobke (can’t be worse, right?) It’s a 2 year vacation- stuff your hot wife for once. Trust me, she’ll dig you with some meat on your bones and lacking a tan that makes farmers blush.

    Sigh. I’ll rant more after I get some sauce in me. For crissake, the proTour circuit is BYOB (bring your own blood, emphasis on ‘your’) now.

  2. Fuck Floyd. This is just another money making scheme for him. Sort of like when he was charing people 20 bucks to get their pictures taken with him. I don’t care how funny he is, or how aw shucks he is, he doped. He’s guilty. Dude needs to go down for the count.

  3. Floyd has all the qualities of a pig except cuteness.

    Pigs are cute, right? Shit, I guess not. Wait, little pigs are cute. Floyd was probably cute when he was a little pig. With a cheesy little half-assed mustache.

    And he fired the guy AFTER Lemond testified? Didn’t know that. Makes it worse. That makes Floyd’s supposed indignant firing of the guy a performance, just like everything else he says and does.