Cut. Paste. Repeat.

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Will Geoghegan enters rehab. What is this guy, a Republican? He’s proudly following in the footsteps of such noteable GOP alumni as Mark “page stabber” Foley and Ted “speed lines off gay hookers back” Haggard. Talk about fine company.

Blame it on the booze, Will. Just blame it on the booze. Whatever works, right?

Fucking ametuer. You didn’t call up Lemond because you had a “beer or two”, you called up Lemond because you’re a dick.

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Between that and the ongoing confirmation of systematic doping at Telekom in the early 90’s, I don’t even know why I bother to get out of bed in the morning.

But, really, should I be surprised? It’s been baltantly obvious for years that pro cyclists use drugs.

I’ll leave you with this one to ponder: Dennis Kucinich has game.

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