Another day, another dollar.

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Also known as: A day late & a dollar short.

Computers both help and hinder in equal parts. I’ve been saddled with a lame horse of a machine of late, one which inexplicable turns off and loses data. Apparently, whenever it fucking feels like it.

And yesterday it felt like it a lot.

Some IT guy came through this morning and reinstalled the operating system. Now I’ve been tasked with reconfiguring all the requisite software I require to actually do my job. Namely Dreaweaver & Photoshop.

And, I suppose now that I think about it, I’ll need to also sort out a whole bunch of Adobe and Mircosoft Office bullshit as well.

Think I’ll finish this by lunch?

I wouldn’t bet on that one.

I wonder what the Gnome is doing right now?

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