Adios to the Agent of Intolerance.

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I purposely avoided talking about the guy in last night’s post on the “other” DC. You know, that static html site I can’t wait to throw from my shoulders like the Alabatross that it is. I just couldn’t quite psyche myself up for wading into the shit stream which was Falwell’s existence on this planet.

He was nothing less that a precursor to everything which is wrong, base, evil and completely asinine about both organized Catholicism and the Republican Party in this country. He played to the lowest instincts of his fellow man – just the most awful shit he could come up with.

And they ate is up with a spoon.

The GOP is going to go through one hell of an ugly shake down in the coming years as the Old Guard finally extinguishes and passes on. Literally. That’s the only exist for fascists like Falwell. He has to die before his influence finally wanes.

And no longer will once seemingly good men like John McCain have to backtrack after rightfully labeling Falwell an “agent of intolerance” and give half-hearted (and previously inconceivable) speeches to the graduating class of young fascists at Liberty University.

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