ASS = Arizona Single Speeds

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The Flagstaff Chapter of Arizona Single Speeds is one big collection of slapdicks. Since it’s not even February right now, we pretty much ain’t doing shit but drinking and leaving town to ride. The trails are covered with snow at the moment. And where they aren’t covered with snow, they’re muddy as hell.

When it gets warmer, we’ll start doing fun thing like Bourbon on the Urban and Fixed Gear Friday.

Bourbon on the Urban is a run across town to take in as many bars as possible in a night. It often involves fixed gear road bikes, but we have been known to make allowances. Usually run on Tuesday nights, starting round about 6:00 pm at Pay-n Take. From there, the direction the night takes is pretty much up to the race directors, or heads of state as well call them.

That would be whatever Big Pun, Big Gay Randy, and myself, big jonny, decide is right for the evening. Don’t be surprised if this means eastside dive bars and dirt roads in the dark.

Oh, and we seldom forget to pat the buffalo on our way across town. For those who are safety minded.

Fixed Gear Friday has grown from a Tempe coffee shop tour to a full blow ride yer guts out afternoon jaunt. Fixed gears are mandatory, and showing up with gears will be punished accordingly. This typically falls under the watchful guidance of Big Gay Randy. It will involve pain. And booze. Be warned.

I’ll be mentioning the upcoming events on this here page as the weather turns nicer and I grow tired of indoor sports.

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