The Monday Mow Down

Shit went down at the Red Hook Crit last weekend. Those kids in Brooklyn sure know how to take corners, and fences.

YouTube Preview Image

Somebody’s going to need a beer…or brakes.

Guy was caught using aero bars, so the crane came out and grabbed him by his ankle. Crazy.  Source: bklynjosh

This guy was caught using aero bars, so they got the crane out and grabbed him by his ankles. Crazy. Source: bklynjosh

Have a good week everybody, and keep the rubber side down!

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4 thoughts on “The Monday Mow Down

  1. check out that flickr photostream, there’s a guy on the deck in about every third photo.

  2. What kind of dipshit lays out a crit course that doubles back on itself without a center line barrier?