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10 Replies to “Bear got your bike?”

  1. Several years ago I heard of a bear and biker meeting on a trail outside of Jackson Wy. Took a can of out of date bear spray to get the bear off the guy. We are playing in their yard. Always be respectful.

  2. Ahhhh. Bears. Such lovely creatures.

    Until you walk out your front door here in good old Sussex County, NJ and are standing 15 feet away from one ripping thru your garbage can.

    At that point they all need to die.

  3. *as I’m crackin my PBR open* Just like a bunch of Ergon Geeks to watch as a ‘ber gets into their $hit. This is fUu$*ing ‘Merica U pu$$ys. Pull out yer AK!!! ‘And the mosquitoes are really bad!’ WTF!!! I’m selling my ergon $hit for a cheese samich tomorrow. That ‘ber can have my $hit stained grips!

  4. In NJ black bears are like immense racoons. They thrive in the typical NJ landscape of ample fetid swamplands and heaping trash. I once wandered into a backwoods black bear lair and found myself in the middle of a forest patch that seemed to be some sacred defecation spot, with piles of scat in various states of decomposition, the entire spectrum, mouldered to fresh. I scrambled in a panic over numerous glacial erratics and escaped along a high ridge line with views of the skyline of NYC. A world where you can simultaneously view bears in the wild and see the skyline of NYC is a world turned upside down!

  5. How is it these fools had no empties to fling at said bear? Fucking amateurs.

    AND, to hear the product placement in the voice-over gives me the creeps.