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29 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. No footer, to
    Jesus Tree Plant, to
    round house kick to your face, to
    Crotch Stank Face Blast.
    Always keep the sport innovating

  2. See, I really didn’t need all these pads or suspension, next time I’m riding my Single Speed….

  3. Spies have confirmed that mountain bikers are being recruited, and trained, to combat trail sabotaging ninjas.

  4. 1. Fuck yeah!
    2. Can someone get me out of this velcro tree!
    3. Ahhh, shit man u kick me in face! (in your best asian voice)

  5. 1. Oh Shit!

    2. Judges Score: 8 or That’s gonna leave a mark.

    3. Dude, your feet stink.

    4. For Christ sake, are you done yet?

  6. ahhh so, I was doing as mericans doo and ahh crazy white man come flying at me and kiccck razor from hand. Oragoto it hhhurrt.

  7. Rider: Awwww yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh boyeeeeeeee!
    Spectator: Jackass…
    Rider: Oh yeah, how’s about a foot to the head?!
    Both: that did not work well at all…

  8. 1. Approach tree that my buddy wrapped in velcro earlier that day and grab front brake as hard as I possibly can. check
    2. Rotate in midflight so that velcro jersey begins to adhere to velcro wrapped tree. check.
    3. Grind back violently into velcro wrapped tree for perfect adhesion. check.
    4. Kick buddy’s ass for forgetting to wrap tree with velcro while simultaneously shitting myself. check.

  9. “Hey, they make wheelchairs with suspension and disc brakes now, so, this ain’t no big deal.”