The Lance Armstrong Playmobil Set

It’s Christmas, the time of year when everyone is shopping. I got this email the other day:

We were doing some xmas shopping today and stumbled upon this. I made a joke about the IV could be used in the Lance Playmobil set. Then I noticed the yellow bike and it was even funnier. The best part is what is written on the side of the vehicle.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Just what every kids wants for Christmas: A chance to win the Tour de France seven times and gain the undying devotion of likes of Sally Jenkins (she wrote, “for the life of me, I can’t find the competitive injustice in his seven Tour de France victories”).

I’m not sure if the choking hazard is the toy or reading Ms. Jenkin’s fanboy prose.

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4 thoughts on “The Lance Armstrong Playmobil Set

  1. Look! He’s smiling. Must be great to get run over. Does it come with a cop to issue him a ticket? Did the car driver already leave the scene? It’s so realistic!

  2. Is that Nurse Sally (Jenkins) in the bottom left corner of the picture? I can just imagine her saying to the Uniballer, “Did the bad Travis Tygart hurt my wittle Lance? Nurse Sally will make it better.” Slurp Slurp Gag Spew

    Lance-“Ahhhh Sally, I always knew you were a swallower!”