My Life is Better Than Your Vacation

I get a lot of emails from this site and I make it a point to read each and every one of them.  I have realized that you guys know what’s up and chances are, I will learn something. Today was no exception.  This morning I got a link for a blog and this was the first image I saw when I clicked on it:


It is a summation of how I have tried to live my life for the past 5 years. I have never really been able to sum up a mission statement before. But now I think I have one.

Check out It looks like he updates pretty regularly and there is a ton of random crap to kill some time with.

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21 thoughts on “My Life is Better Than Your Vacation

  1. Vacations are a PITA most of the time. Scheduling time off, arranging flight plans, etc, etc, etc.

    It takes 3 days in just to loosen up and then BANG you’re back at work.

    I need to win the lottery.

    Have to buy a ticket for that eh ??

  2. I make it a point to do something fun every single day. Usually it involves two wheels. It keeps me sane…ish.

  3. I make it a point to do something fun at work every day. And between us, sanity is vastly over rated.

  4. Since I retired, I try to spend most of my recreational hours on, or around a bike, so I guess I concur.

    BTW, HUGE props to BJ for getting through this phase of his life, and best of everything for the next phase.

    Jonny, booze on me when i get back to AZ in a few weeks. I know a place real close to you ;)

  5. My ‘temporary retirement’ has allowed me to pursue this worthy ideal myself.

    I spent almost thirty years doing ‘heavy travel’ field work, and now I haven’t been on an airplane in over two years. I hope I make it another two at least.

    Oh, and fuck Disneyland.

  6. hmm, dunno. I kinda dig my vacations. is actually ok too, but last vacation was MTB’n in around Pisgah (annual), the one before that was light touring/pass bagging Switzerland and North Italy. The next one is Colorado/Moab..
    The one after that is still thoughts in progress but am thinking Danube and Dinarac alps. Maybe Venice to Trieste to Sofia or Vienna to Salonika.. we’ll see. ..or maybe the Carpathians.

    Agreed, Mikey. Fuck Disneyland. It doesn’t have to suck.
    That said though, I’ll still feel privileged to take my kid to Disneyland (or “type 2 diabetes-land” as it might be called) That one obviously won’t be “about me” like the others.

  7. Good on ya’Dirty.
    Articulates my mission statement nicely as well:I live in a place people vacation, and stressed out grown-ups often hang out in the bike shop I work at telling me I have the life. Just gotta let go of needing money.

    Good post, Man.

  8. I was stuck in a cubicle 32 hours a week..took a 32 hr option to stay sane, and after a while (30 years-ouch!) they offered early retirement. I took big hits financially to do those two things. I have never regretted taking time over money. I just got back here in Burgundy from a few days in the Alps hanging out at L’Alpe d’Huez watching the Tour and climbing the cols around there. Magnificent scenery. The Vercors was sublime as well. Just racking up the thousands of meters of climbing…, the green hills of my Burgundy home will keep me climbing ’till I get back to NorCal..can’t wait to break in my Ventana 29er SS on the supertacky trails in the foothills doin’ the dirt skiing thing all Winter. I get no vacations, I just live life. So glad I traded time for the $$$ and “security” of the cublcle!

  9. Like Kilgore I live in a tourist town, so there’s always a vacation just outside the door. And every bike ride is a little mini-vacation. But at the bottom of it all it is about the way we look at life, wouldn’t you agree?
    I think it was Bob Bitchin’ who said: “Attitude: the difference between Ordeal and Adventure.”
    I drop by Drunk Cyclist everyday because I know I’ll find people who know what Bob is talking about.

  10. Haven’t taken an actual “vacation” in just about a year (time off doesn’t come so easily when you are the boss). I am SUPER stoked for my first one…I leave next Friday to bike the length of the west coast of Michigan with my wife…New Buffalo to Mackinac Island. Can. Not. Wait. I fully plan on doing nothing but waking up, riding my bike, and drinking. You know…what life SHOULD be.

  11. Good on ya’ sfb. I recently took the first proper vacation in a couple of years. You know, one that doesn’t involve the holidays with family, or tacking a couple of days of fun onto a work trip. Just me and the gf, eating and drinking our way through NorCal. Now, if I can figure out how to make it less than two years before I get to do that again…

  12. I switched jobs a few years ago from a job I liked, really believed in, and worked my ass off and felt stressed a lot of the time, to my current job, doing Recreation Therapy at the VA. I initially took the job simply because I wanted to work with veterans, and have lucked into something awesome. Today(Friday)I went white-water rafting at work, tomorrow I am taking a group mountain biking and Sunday we will be taking a group hiking. It’s pretty sweet, I find myself doing the same things on my days off that I do at work: last week the gf and I went backpacking for a week, next week on my days off we are going rafting. I sincerely believe that my life is better than a lot of people’s vacations.

  13. at #10, Andy, don’t let Dirty Biker fool you. All his exploits are really to mask the fact that inside he’s crying.

  14. Last vacation was 6-7 years ago. Assateauge, VA. Ten days in a rented house with Mrs. Joe, our daughter (then 14 or 15, sullen and moody) and her friend (equally the same; maybe more so).

    Did I mention I couldn’t bring my bike because luggage for three females took up all the remaining space in them van?

    Next vacation (if there ever is one) will include hot and cold running maid service, room service, not ever having to much as pick up a towel and fine dining. Or bikes and camping, and them that don’t like it can stay home.

    Truthfully, now I just use my vacation time to stretch out a holiday weekend. I’d sooner have a nice long rest than go someplace. Reckon everything I want is within these four walls. “Staycations”, they call ’em. I was doin’ it before it had a name.

  15. im a flight attendant .. work three ..ride four.. summers in san diego.. tell all the jokes you want and make all the assumptions you want.. i dont sit in traffic five days a week ..good luck with your 9-5 fail

  16. Meh. At least I ain’t gettin’ groped by TSA preverts. But maybe greg likes that action.