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15 thoughts on “This is my dream for our local bike coop.

  1. That is beautiful. Really beautiful. Exactly the “teach a man to fish” kind of program that kids in these neighborhoods need. I am actually going to look into donating to this co-op.

    BTW…THIS is the very community that was organized so well by one Barack Obama. All show, no go, on the BO tip…and he’s taken that all the way to the White House…which says a lot about this country right now. :(

  2. @sfb – we are volunteering at kids night at our local coop – mobo bicycle cooperative – i was going to do a whole post on it, but dont have time. dominic is teaching the kids to wrench on bikes and i play games with them while they wait their turn. at the end of the summer we are having a kids race and need donations for prizes. if you want to check it out, you can go to this link: http://mobobicyclecoop.org/ – we need all the help we can get!

  3. Our Bike Co Op here in Tempe Suck. they are only open 1 day a week. Seems the only thing they accomplished was a calendar w/ their fat asses on it.
    bike saviors.

  4. I could give a shit about money most of the time. But when I see something like this, I wish I had a dumptruck full of the stuff. I’d back it right up to that place.

  5. Nikthe @ 06: WTF is your problem? Did you ever volunteer any time over there? Or do you just sit on your own fat ass and bitch about other people not working hard enough to serve you? I don’t know Bike Saviors but I do know BICAS in Tucson, which is now in its 22nd year of existence, and it takes a hell of a lot of work and dedication to keep that show going. Some of which is my as a volunteer. Maybe if you went down to Bike Saviors and offered your services it would suck less and certainly if you did so you would suck less.

  6. nik,
    Im gonna have to disagree with you a little bit here. Bike Saviors is my local co-op as well and I have to admit I’m impressed by it. Going from a collection of parts in a young lady’s back yard to having it’s own building, with work benches, dedicated volunteers and to even having classes on maintenance and wheelbuilding. Compared to what Tempe had 8 years ago when i first moved here, its a HUGE step in the right direction. They are a group of dedicated men and women with great intentions who are learning as they go along.
    Its pretty easy to extend the hours of a co-op’s opration…volunteer.

  7. Bike Saviours is a volunteer run collective of which I am a member. Our goal with everyone who comes through the door is to teach them how to work on their own bike. All tool use and help is free, and parts and bikes are very inexpensive since everything is donated.

    We also exist as a tool share, if you need a work stand, truing stand, bottom bracket tap, frame or derailleur alignment gauge, or just a couple allen wrenches, we’ve got it and it’s free for you to use.

    We’re open 4 times a week now, Sunday 12-6, and Monday, Wednesday (Women only) and Thursday 6-9.(In July, Monday has been sporadic since our regular Monday opener was on vacation (hint, hint).

    We teach free maintenance classes. Anyone is welcome with no obligation, but one of the goals of this class is to get new volunteers up to speed. Even if you already know how to work on a bike, we want to make sure you know how to teach, and let the person you are helping work on their own bike themselves with your guidance.

    The co-op is only what everyone makes of it, if you want it to be open more often, come start helping out. The signup for the volunteer orientation/maintenance class is here: http://bit.ly/bikesavioursclass

    And yes the calendar has been very popular. We sell out of them fast. Our goal this year is to get it ready in time for Tour de Fat so we can sell them there, all the proceeds go right back into the co-op.

    And check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bikesaviours, one of our recent goals is to get our computer situation worked out so we can post each and every time the shop is open.