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That’s right. We entered the 21st century and finally made a Facebook page.

Check it out HERE.

I wrote a post a while back with directions on how to get some free stickers (which you still can do). Needless to say, poor old Gnomer was stuffing envelopes with stickers for days. We know that there are a lot of stickers out there and we want to see where they ended up. My idea is to have you guys and gals post those pics up on the Facebook wall. I’m really curious how this DC infection is spreading

We also are almost sold out of 10th anniversary jerseys, so that means there are a ton of those rolling around out there. Where did they end up?

Show us what you got!

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23 Replies to “DC on FB”

  1. Judi and I plan on wearing our matching DC jerseys on Sunday’s ride. We will post Valentine photos.

  2. My DC jersey is at the seamstress getting chopped. The ‘club’ cut was a bit too ‘clubby’…

    I may need to sneak a DC sticker onto the door of the shop…

  3. …one step too many…ain’t goin’ there…

    …i’ll take my drunkcyclist the way the good lord intended, here at the site, thank you very fucking much…

  4. …& as regards the ‘club cut’ ???…seems to fit me quite ‘sleekly’ these days…i wonder why that is ???…

  5. As a regular “race” cut jersey guy, I appreciate the club cut because the sleeves flap in the wind, making me feel like I’m going way faster than I actually am. I take victories where I can get them.

  6. @d2, i had to have my size S taken in, like MM, especially where the sleeves flapped in the wind. my XXS fits pretty perfect though.

  7. I’m going to keep mine loose in preparation for my growing beer gut and collection of spare tires.

  8. I christened my new ride, a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29er Expert, with a loop of Mormon/National Trails at South Mountain this afternoon while wearing my DC jersey.

  9. @14 – post the damn picture. south mountain is where i broke the derailleur on the stunt jumper 29’er i borrowed from SMC (love those initials yo).

  10. …and a bunch of us in South Africa. Maybe you mail us the jpg and we make them here, saves postage?

  11. AF, you can be our South African point man. Send me your address via email and I’ll send you out a matchbox truckload of sticker schwag. then you pass that shit around down to the Cape.

  12. AfricanSingle’s idea doesn’t sound bad – maybe post up some images on the FB page that can be printed up by anyone, ala Sheperd Fairy and the OBEY…phenomena?
    But then I like the old fashioned mail method, reminds me of the days when the band info came in an LP sleeve and you sent away for the cheap paperstock stickers from Alternative Tentacles…

  13. Hey can’t find the post about the stickers. I need some out here in South California.