Caption This.

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A little drunkcyclist product placement from when I was in Mexico…


Speaking of stickers…

If you would like a few stickers to put in random places, send us a SASE and we will hook it up while supplies last.

P.O. Box 23620
Flagstaff, AZ

This is old school style and I like it that way. It was the best we could come up with to get some stickers in your greasy little hands. Personally I can’t wait to see all of the places these stickers end up. I know you won’t let me down.

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27 thoughts on “Caption This.

  1. FFF, coming into every little town in MX are the topes. They are axle-breaker speed bumps. Small and steep. You learn to slow down very quickly, even though they’ve been broken out of about half of the roads. Not worth the risk.

  2. Ah. OK. Just Googled topes.

    “If you do not slow down to a snail’s pace before hitting a tope, you can expect to launch your vehicle into flight, potentially damage your suspension, and possibly bite half-way through your tongue.”

    I’ve seen monster speed bumps like that in condo/townhouse areas but never on the road.

    That’s fucked up.

  3. That’s funny- here’s what I got upon the googling:

    tr. & intr.v. toped, top·ing, topes
    To drink (liquor) habitually and excessively or engage in such drinking.
    [Possibly from obsolete tope, interjection used in proposing a toast.]

    I like that even better. Y’all are a bunch of topers.

  4. Yeah, once you see the sign you should be on the brakes. Whatever distance they give (100m?) is a rough estimate at very best. I gotta say, they perform remarkably well at slowing cars down. They ought to use them in the US…

  5. Must have been mid 80′ Rosarita Beach to Ensenada bike race(ride) a group of us were sprinting into town when one of the guys veered off quickly and pancaked after snapping off a pedal on his Colnago on one of the metal Topa’s right by the fishing boat harbor. What a way to destroy an Italian beauty.

  6. “the path of life: first you get the perkies, then you get drunk, thinking of the perkies…. then you die” Or “that is the kind of transformer I can dig..”

  7. just got my sase back; thanks to the powers that be for the sticker hook-up!

    there will be pics when i get back from vacation.

    i wonder if swiss jails serve swiss cheese?

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