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  1. I have often wondered what my West Virginia family members were like. If Hank Williams the 3rd says they are rebels, then f@ckin’ hell yeah. Looks good.

  2. Its BS, spent a lot of time in WV, met some strange ones deep in the woods, but no stranger than in any city hood.

  3. I think the big ears tell a story, a genetic one, a kind of
    “Hi honey, you’re so sweet, you’ve got yer daddy’s ears” genetic story.

    We have our own ones too.

  4. …i’s pretty damn assured in sayin’ that if i go to my grave wiffout sharin’ a bottle wif a’ menfolk & wiffout havin’ carnal ‘knowlegdments of ’em wimminfolk of the jesco white clan, that i ought notta oughta be worryin’ on that fact…

  5. love me some Dancin’ Outlaw, it’s a cult classic:

    “And I took the butcher knife and put it up to her neck. I said if you want to live to see tomorrow, you better start fryin’ them eggs a little bit better then what you a fryin’ em – I’m tired of eatin’ sloppy, slimy eggs!” – Jesco White

  6. Damn, that is one kinda scary family right there. I’ve got see the rest of that movie though.

  7. …i must say i was fascinated by the supplemental video of jesco talking about charles manson & that he allowed that beyond all that killing & all, that charlie seemed like a decent enough fella…

    …why golly, my heart was touched to know that jesco white did a ‘woodburning’ picture of charles manson exercisin’ in jail in just his underwear n’ socks & presented that picture to hank williams x3…

    …that’s some real artistic ‘spression right there…

  8. The Wild And Wonderful Whites of West Virginia: A portrait of America’s last outlaw family is on netflix!

  9. “last outlaw family” my ass. Their kind are common as warts on a frog’s nuts around here.

  10. I couldn’t find Dancing Outlaw II: Jesco Goes to Hollywood. Fo’ reals. He went to Hollywood to be on the Rosanne show. He had no clue as to why they wanted him to get his swastika tat covered up. This new movie, is really just Johhny Knoxville doing films that Jacob Young did more than a decade ago… with a bigger budget and nicer cameras.

  11. No, Stanley. As much as these “people” surely hate our current Chief Executive for as trivial a thing as the color of his skin, I’m sure they take all the Gub’mint cheese they can get their filthy inbred cousinshagging dickbeaters on. They would raise holy hell if the teat stop producing. Thus, no matter how they protest to the contrary, they are liberals.

  12. who have voted (mostly) Republican for last decade. I’m not sure a W. Virgina Democrat necessarily qualifies as a liberal.


    Thinking you’re owed something just due to birthright or economic status instead of hard work isn’t anything new and it cuts across party lines. However, ya’ gotta hand it to the Republicans, they get people who have ZERO CHANCE OF EVER MAKING OVER $250K/yr (or $100K for that matter, $15K in WV…), voting as if they were all millionaires… These are exactly the people who Palin represents. Willfully ignorant and lazy.

    But, meh, who cares? The only remotely electable presidential candidate the Republicans have is Romney, and the fundies won’t accept that weird Mormon cult he’s a part of…

  13. The Rs have become the party of non-thinking. As Mr. jefe #25 succinctly points out, many recent R voters are the very people taking it in the ass socio-economically. These people appear incapable of thought. The remaining R constituency are single-issue voters such as the religiobots and gun nuts, both groups who refuse to think.

    This is rather tragic, of course, and a danger to the political process. Ours is a two-party system, and the R party is broken. They’ve abandoned the middle ground where all the actual decisions are made.

  14. For a “broken” party they sure kicked some major-league ass in the last election. That hopey-changey thing must not be workin’ out too good for a lot of folks. Just sayin’…

  15. joe? a “moslem?” isn’t that where people from WV put they deads?

    and don’t act for a second like you can’t appreciate some Marxist techniques, joe. dude – hold on to the night? that song makes pants come off before the words even start, bro!!!!


  16. Hope and change in one hand, shit in the other. Which fills up faster? Well, change is bound to happen. In fact it’s a physical law that it must happen. It’s been going on since the big bang (or Creation if that’s your subscription) and it will continue to go on until all the energy has run out. Hope is smoke-and-mirrors. You can have all the hope in the world and it still won’t hold weight. Hope has no atomic structure; it has no energy or mass, thus doesn’t exist.

    To all the fair-weather fans: way to stick with your team. Just because the young voters (18-35) who put President Obama in office didn’t get their instant gratification they all jumped off the bandwagon. I feel this is the product of a young voting base that doesn’t understand the political system. It would seem obvious, given the previous 8 years, that 2 years might not be enough time to straighten everything out.

    I say, give it to Palin and the Republicans next time. Let’s see if they fair any better. Just, buy your guns now and stockpile that ammunition.

    Actually, I think I’ll go ride my bike instead.

  17. @joe. 1. If it was someone could keep their religion out of their politics, I wouldn’t really care what their religion was. I’m pretty firm on that whole separation of church and state thing. Unfortunately, the majority of the country seems to think that being an outspoken Protestant is a requirement.
    2. It’s ‘Muslim’
    3. He’s not.
    4. Look up the definition of Marxist. Look at Obama’s policies and actions. They are not the same. At. All. Name one…. {insert sound of crickets chirping}
    5. My point about Romney is that if the theocratic and single-issue social conservatives hadn’t been ruling the Republican party, Romney would have been the nominee. He’s actually somewhat fiscally conservative (although he strikes me as a used car salesman…) He SHOULD have been a shoe-in. The religious right didn’t accept him in 2008, they won’t accept him in 2012. That leaves Palin (fail), Gingrich (fail), Huckabee (not dickish enough), Jindal (= Barney Fife), Jeb Bush (The smart one. The one that would be an obvious choice if his brother hadn’t fucked things up. I wonder what the holidays are like in the Bush family?). No one except Romney has a shot at beating Obama, and outside of the Intermountain West a Mormon is almost as strange as the black guy.
    6. You know as well as I do, that the last election was not about liking Republicans. It was about the 9.6% unemployment rate. Even with the current economic mess, Republicans couldn’t even take the Senate. For comparison, unemployment was below 7% in 1994. If unemployment was 7%, the Democrats would held both houses. People still hate Republicans. The Republican party polls as low or lower than the Democrats. People still blame them for the current economic mess. But we are impatient and lazy, and think that you can fix eight years of shit, in less than two. One of two things is going to happen in the next two years: 1. All the conservative firebrands talking about a mandate are going to get real quiet come January because they know they need some results if they want the White House. 2. People are going to realize that the leaders of the Republican party don’t care about important things like the economy getting better. They just want to win and they don’t care how many American lives are ruined in the process. Mitch McConnell has said as much. The American people like a little selfishness. They hate unmitigated selfishness. Fiorina, Whitman, and McMahon all lost because it was obvious they were just trying to buy their elections. They thought that because they were richer than god, they were entitled to them.

  18. …el jefe +1…

    “same as it ever was”

    …joetheelectioner…you can sell “the sky is falling” all day long to as many disenchanted folks as wanna hear it but unless you can offer an honest solution, you ain’t really gonna get ’em on board…

  19. @31/6-I don’t think people “hate Republicans” or they never would have taken the house in such number. I think, rather, that people have come to hate politicians in general. A healthy thing from my perspective. And elections, while initially more expensive than torches and pitchforks, generally make less of a mess. as to the disparity between House and Senate, keep in mind that ever Congressman must run for reelection every two years, while in the Senate this is not the case.

  20. @33, Maybe hate is too strong a word. Distrust. Whatever. Given the current economic climate, the Republicans should have taken the Senate as well. If they had put up reasonable candidates instead of Fiorina, McMahon, O’Donnell, Miller, Angle… Shit, Miller lost to a write in. That hasn’t happened in over 50 years. A non-insane candidate running against Reid would have cleaned his clock.

    Yes, the House is voted on every two years, all the hotheads in moderate districts who got in there are going to realize that they need some results, or the impatience of the American public is likely to vote them right back out.

  21. “Distrust”? Yes, that’s a start. And if the freshman class ain’t skeered, chances are they’ll be gone in 2012. As that teabaggingFoxews yahoo Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government, it is tyranny. When the government fears the people, it is democracy”. The only way to keep ’em honest is to keep ’em scared. And the torches and pitchforks option is still on the table.

  22. “And the torches and pitchforks option is still on the table.”

    In fact, it is a protected right.

  23. “In fact, it is a protected right.”

    Try it.

    I’ll send you a cake while your rotting away in some prison.

  24. Some damn good riding in WVA and the Boone Crew are good folks. They put on an annual stage race called the Boone Binge. I hear its pretty rowdy.

  25. That’s what I was tryin’ to say. Them inbred pigfuckers might be from WestbyGod, but there’s plenty of ’em around here, which is not WestbyGod.

  26. @39. Jeeze, I thought we was being right civil…

    There’s good folks everywhere. Even in places where they share toofuses and have a few too few branches on the family tree.

  27. Just watched the “Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”, and it definitely is worth a watch. This documentary though probably sets the county back a few decades as far as public perception goes.