The curtain drops on another

Former US criterium champion Kirk O’Bee has been hit with a lifetime ban from the sport, incurring the ban after a positive test for EPO plus proof that he had purchased doping substances on multiple occasions.

Awesome. I feel great. I’m kidding.

The panel also disqualified O’Bee’s results back to Oct. 3, 2005, including his 2007 national criterium championship, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced Wednesday.

. . .

USADA said O’Bee will have to return all winnings and titles he won since October, 2005. That would include overall wins and several stage wins at the 2007 and 2008 Nature Valley Grand Prix, stage wins at the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic and Cascade Classic, victory at the 2009 Kelly Cup and the 2007 crit title.

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12 thoughts on “The curtain drops on another

  1. i like the clawback. the financial penalties need to be ratcheted up. was he a Papp customer?

  2. Yet another rider who was on a Bruyneel team (2000 USPS) is shown to be a cheater (doper) extraordinaire. Coincidence? Maybe, but history does/will show “probably not”.

    From the linked velonation article:
    “It is not known whether his past with the US Postal Service team will lead to interviews from Jeff Novitzky, who is looking into allegations that a systematic doping practice took place on that squad.”

    I bet Mr. Novitsky’s team is on top of it.

  3. He might not have been a Papp customer, Humpty. It was my first thought too, but a just-posted item here indicates otherwise:

    “O’Bee denies having e-mail communications “discussing the purchase or usage of rhEPO or human growth hormone [hGH]” with Ellis Toussier, the self-professed “King of Growth Hormone” who sells the product from Mexico City.

    The decision states that O’Bee claimed that his estranged, then live-in partner Suzanne Johnson had access to the computer and said she sent the messages without his permission.”

  4. The above quote from cyclingnews reminds me of giantcu92’s quote from his 09.18.10 DC post (which I was in total agreement with).

    “There were trips to Old Mexico in the winter for “training” (even though they live in NC where it doesn’t really snow that much, and you can train all year long). The trips would last, well, months sometimes. And, those guys would return being harder than fucking barn nails.”

  5. Am I the only one who can’t read “King of Growth Hormone” without picturing a cheesy mustache and plaid sport coat?

  6. You gotta love Novitzki . Regardless , He’s callin shit out . This will end with the uniballer goin down like a mob figure . These are just pawns falling now !

  7. …you might think so, pal but i’m bettin’ a certain cyclist covered his ass better than & is more lawyered up than john ‘fucking’ gotti…

    …i’m not sayin’ he was ever clean…

    …but i’m just sayin’…

  8. The end game is a story more shocking than Enron . A man ,an addiction , fraud , extortion . Pawns who fell in the name of Armstrongs exploits , never to rise again . A sport shamed by an era of fraud and the use of cancer as koolaid ,a shield to distract and hypmatize an intire society . It all came down in the name of greed . Searching for that first high again only to have it back fire on him in the name of a come back that is sure to be his demise . A half century of doping may soon decease .But when they hang him from his ball, a huge sigh of relief will end the Armstrong reign and this will all dissapear like a bad war ………… just sayin !

  9. …i agree that there is a HUGE ego involved here, stm…we’ve all known that for a while about the lance-ster but i’m betting (1)- there’s no jail time involved, (2)- i can see a large fine handed down, if anything ‘sticks’, (3)- a large-ish scandal until things settle down, (4)- the man goes back to being a hero to a lotta folks eventually…

    …look at how many cyclist’s are getting popped right now & while the house is divided, nobody is getting buried under this house of cards…

    …some embarrassing wrist slaps, lose some wins off your record, expectations of paying back some cash & if you haven’t been banned for life, see ya in 2 years…yer a bike racer, what else are ya gonna do…

    …you & a few folks are standing on a mountain of false hopes & expectations if you believe what you just wrote…it may come down as big in “our” world but it ain’t nothing but a hill of beans in the real world…

  10. He won’t have to give any $$$ back. This is America, they will need a court order. I like that he’s caught, but you just can’t say he need to pay this or that. This ain’t fucking China.