When it rains, it pours, then turns into a giant downstream flood of shit

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I had plans to do a post today about some quality riding I have gotten to do over the past five days here in Colorado, but alas if it bleeds, it leads.  And by “bleed” I mean, has to deal with professional cyclists doping.  Hump day started so good, free coffee and treats for us grad students here at CSU, only when I fired up the internets to get the bike scoop, I came across this gem


Homebody is currently under suspension for failed a drug test, where Hydroxethal starchwas found in his system, which “is basically a masking agent for EPO.”  With more and more stories like this coming out I am becoming worried that some people might start to believe that a large number of professional cyclists are cheating.  Do you have any idea what that could do to the credibility of the sport?  I know that we should give folks the benefit of the doubt, and you are innocent until proven guilty, but in my humble opinion, this two year ban shit is a waste.  Throw em all out on their ass, and make them clean porta potties for the rest of their lives.

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13 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours, then turns into a giant downstream flood of shit

  1. Large number of top _athletes_ take PEDs.
    More money pours in, more incentive plus add the pressure to be FIRST.
    If you sacrifice your life between the ages 10-20 for being the best just to find out that great, you made it to the Olympic Games but there are half a dozen others who you know are better. Would you do what it takes to get the gold and fame or would you accept 6th, 7th, 20th place and go home without barely anyone noticing that you were there?
    Credibility of the sport: they should ease up on anti-doping controls (I’m being cynical here). We have all these positives because they are really looking for them. If they tried this hard in baseball, running, swimming, football (in Europe), etc. I am convinced we would have similar scandals.

  2. Is 11th even on the first page? Sadness. And I think the sport is already pretty tarnished. I mean, cycling is the poster child of doping. Heck.

  3. DISAPPOINTED. And Mosquera too? I really enjoyed this year’s Vuelta, but now I’m not sure who won, or how.

  4. “cycling is the poster child of doping”…that is both an astute comment, gnomer & an unfortunate fact…

    …& it’s really come about because factions within the sport are addressing the problem & yet all the while, the problem is huge…

    …prob’ly no bigger than a lotta sports but we’re the ones generating all the bad publicity because conversely those concerns are being addressed…

  5. …non sequitur…i do like the new ‘header’ bar above the articles…

    …just propin’…

  6. “worked all minute”. And I promised myself I wasn’t going to laugh today, ya crazy funker.

  7. …that be 59 seconds + 1 of time well expended…

    …& damn but i am now the best dressed mofo cyclist in this here town…all of it’s bad ugly just got mo better & all of it’s fine good got even mo better exponential like now that i’m rockin’ “it”

    …thank you, hosses n’ bosses…