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61 thoughts on “Floyd wants to pay it back

  1. Yea, Blow me!!! Let’s keep Floyd in the gutter. I mean, he tears the lid of the program, and so fuck him, right? It’s so cyclist-centric to rip apart our own faction. cheeze, maings.

  2. This guy is medicated to the gills . just look in his eyes . He is drippin methadone . You cannot take this man as serious . this is a last ditch effort to reach out to (us) before he blows his fuckin head off . any psyc doctor just looks at this and says he is days away from his last suicide break away …………

  3. Thanks for posting this, Big Jonny.

    I find Floyd’s answers to be very lucid and genuine. This time & recent. People can sometimes see their past faults and correct them.

    trolls RD@1 & STM@3, you are incredibly näive. Time for both of you to do more more research on recent & past events.

  4. RD and STM must be part of that special cadre of perfect human beings. I’m sure if they were to ever make a mistake, apologize for it publicly and attempt to make amends, they would expect to be torn down in a similar fashion: with lame gay jokes and a hilarious suicide riff. So fuckin awesome to finally meet some mistake-free people. THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES IN AMERICA!

  5. …sorry guys but i’m w/ bigfallsdown on this one…as far as floyd is concerned, there’s a lot to be said standin’ in that boys shoes…

    …however, having borrowed & read floyd’s book from the local library when it came out, i’m wonderin’ if ol’ floyd will pay me back the $2.00 overdue charges i ended up with ‘cuz i’m a slow reader…

  6. The word “cadre” was the tip off .I’ve heard him go to that word before ! Hey Floyd , tin foil the windows and lock the door , grab the wild turkey and testo patch , your not long for the planet !

  7. damn…who has the testosterone patches over their eyes?
    maybe you fellows should read the article that goes with the video

  8. I do love me some wild turkey (101), but I got enough testosterone for the both of us already son. Problem with your bullshit trolling, besides me actually responding to it, is that you haven’t answered the central tenet of my argument. That being that you are a whiny little shitcunt with the english grammar of a Pakistani second grader. Cadre, cadre, cadre motherfucker… be about it.

  9. Good job boys, now get back in your armchairs.

    Landis is the shit. American to death. Work’n inside. Dropping bombs on the sys. Getting Novitsky on deck. Ya’ll bitter because he improves your soap opera.

    Now carry on.

  10. I think it’s very big of him to come out and say what he’s said. In this video and on other levels as well. Dude is up against it. I wouldn’t want to trade places with him for anything in the world.

    I would like to hit this point – really, this is what I logged in to write before I read through the previous comments above – how in the hell is he ever going to make back that money? I’ve read it totaled a million. (http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/5929/Floyd-Landis-aims-to-reimburse-Floyd-Fairness-Fund-donors.aspx)

    And he owes his attorney’s $80k. (see http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/otl/news/story?id=5652787)

    Jesus. What a mess.

  11. The streets are littered with the bodies of those who admit the truth after they’ve finally wrung every dime from the system and/or have nothing left to lose.

    Floyd is just another opportunist. Contador gets busted and now Floyd is committed to changing the system?

    Where are all these stand-up men of integrity when it matters?

    Suck it, Floyd.

  12. Floyd can create his own video game and make enough money for pay back, some suggestions for a name for the video game???

  13. I always thought a lot of racers were douche bags…glad to know it is now a proven fact.

  14. I wonder how well the ‘blow me’ crowd would hold up with their character, integrity and all past deeds under a microscope for all to examine?

    Lets play a game shall we? Lets share our deepest, darkest most shamefull, character damaging stories.

    you go first..

    Some may choose to see Floyd only as an opportunist, but I choose to see a man grasping an opportunity to try to affect something positive in an effort to level out the karmic balance for a past that haunts him.

    In the end the forgiveness (or acceptance or whatever) of those who choose to withhold it means nothing. Ultimately the only forgiveness that will matter will be his own. I hope he gets it, and I think he will.

    and fwiw, I still think that tour winning climb is still some of the most entertaining, bitchinist mad-dog cycling ever.

  15. “Actions speak louder than words.” – debatable.
    “Floyd is just another opportunist.” – Which of us is not?
    “Where are all these stand-up men of integrity when it matters?” How bout now? Does now matter?

    Dude is the one and only person who has stood in the face of a system which he was engrossed in, and knew was wrong. The rest just faded away. Isn’t that integrity? None of us would have don’t differently while in the pelican. We’d have doped. I’d have doped. Millions are in play. Yes. Give me the drugs. And in the end, none of us would have been as outspoken as he has become against the system. All this hindsighted righteousness has nothing on the real-time dynamics that he or any other players face.

  16. “I live in a world where I can sit at a screen and chuck far-reaching claims into the cosmos without being personally responsible for their impact upon others!”

    That’s all I hear when reading the fucking comments from the “fuck Him!” crowd.

    Adulthood is about self control. Learn to filter the idiocy before it gets typed…

    Cue blunt-edged sarcastic drivel in 3….2….1…..

  17. You know what, if I was in the position to hire someone, I’d give Floyd a job. Lunch rides would be quite something.

    Landis is growing on me. Guy’s got sack. And I’ve always liked his quite demeanor. Showed well in upside-down land last week. Now this.

    Pattern seems to be religious redemption, so perhaps he has re-found his roots. Perhaps that will help, or maybe it’s something else; whatever it may be, I hope he can battle the demons. He needs it, and we so need a thorough whistleblower.

  18. …i’m in floyd’s corner for every positive reason listed above…

    …& i hear the same crap as morgan…

  19. stage 17 pure strategy
    battenkill this year…laying it down for caleb fairly to take his wheel for a win in a break…homeboy rode for him
    nevada city classic?
    i think the guy really does like to ride his bike
    and still likes to stomp some ass

  20. Believe him. That is one stubborn-ass Mennonite you’re watching and when he says he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do it or die trying. As for changing the system, that’s a far taller order. I’m thinking there are some corporate entities some may consider “too big to fail” that may be swept up in the collateral damage that results from real change. Good luck, Floyd.

  21. STM, MM , and the other haters go put on your Mellow Johnny t shirts and fuck yourselves. Christ, the guy has lost everything and is still standing up. This is not a fucking election, it is about making wrongs right.

    The one thing that I take from EVERYTHING he has said is that if you make a mistake, you do not have to continue on that path. He fucked up, sacked up, and all of you haters should shut the fuck up. It is a positive step toward cleaning our sport.

    Floyd, handed you $ in Scottsdale at your FFF dinner. I don’t fucking care if I ever get it back, I knew it was 50/50 when I did and I’d hire you today. You got balls the size of church bells.

  22. Your supporting a doper on a ride clean web site . You cant do both ! Church bells ? Try BB’s .

  23. Floyd Landis. Ah, pretty boy Floyd. Unemployed Floyd. You can work for me! Sell your carbon racie facie and get on this mid grade Cannondale here. You can be my helper, Floyd. I got a roof job coming up. You’ll need knee pads and your own flat-bar. Intermittently, you can take the ‘dale and a flat bed trailer down to the building supply and pick up the shingles. Then, after all that work and sweat, we’re going to SODO to check out the dumpsters for some rescue-able food. To save even more money, you can sleep in a tent next to my truck! Welcome to the world of honesty and integrity. At $15 an hour, I expect HUSTLE, Floyd. You’ll pay it back eventually, one stack of asphalt at a time.

  24. I don’t know why so many people are willing to believe a self-professed liar. He doped. Then he didn’t just lie about it for years, he took others money and used up all of his own attempting to bankrupt WADA. Continued to lie and then rode like a cat 2 when he actually had a pro contract. And now, when the man has NOTHING… well, it should give us pause when he starts making these claims. ESPECIALLY after he tried to get on the Radioshack team.

    I’m not saying everything he has claimed is false… Just… How about some skepticism and context? Or is it just that we all want to see LA crash and burn. It is surprising how many are willing to swallow everything this man says. “No, wait a sec. Right NOW I am not lying.” Don’t get me wrong, I am no lance fan.

  25. Sorry…too little…too late. Maybe his guilt about lying to and stealing money from people who beleived in him should have existed back in May when this all broke. I think he expected more support, never got it and is now falling back on this as a last ditch effort to be respected or, at least, tolerated.

    Fuck you Floyd. By the way, looks like you might have a nice pad up there in Idyllwild. How about you sell it and pay back all, ok…some of, the people you stole from?

  26. Then when he recovers and is redeemed, ya’ll be like..

    “Oh yea, I’ve always thought what a stand up guy he is, to go through all that, hang tuff, and come clean, and pay up, what a great guy. What an American. That’s exactly what I’d have done too”.

    Most anyone would have put a bullet through their head by now given what he’s faced from the world and what happened to his life.

  27. STM,

    Guess you’ve never read my posts, prob 90% are on dope hating. I catch flack for LA hating all the time, have been for years.

    Not supporting the doping, supporting the act of change. Means to the end dude. His act will have a positive impact on the sport for years to come. I hate that Floyd doped, lied, cheated, etc. Fuck I gave him $, but I have friends that knew him when he was a punk ass Menonite kid hitching rides to Junior National races.

    You judge, but I doubt you shit Tiffany cufflinks dude. what does it say about you to write this?

    “This guy is medicated to the gills . just look in his eyes . He is drippin methadone . You cannot take this man as serious . this is a last ditch effort to reach out to (us) before he blows his fuckin head off . any psyc doctor just looks at this and says he is days away from his last suicide break away …………”

    I mean what the fuck dude, I believe in context. he did not put kittens in a microwave… or beat up a cripple. He cheated in bike racing, denied it like all the others, took money and got caught up in a web he created and now is trying to rectify. I hate Armstrong as a person, but if he comes clean on his own accord and it brings about change in the sport so my son and daughter can feel pride for racing bikes, then I will support him too.

    the fucking guy lost his wife, his home, his family, his father in law, and his career, not to mention the million he owes. To still be standing up after that takes a lot. Walk a mile in the shoes dude,

  28. PS, I support clean cycling on this DRUNK CYCLIST site. I rep ride clean gear, but they have their site this ain’t it.

  29. I’ve seen worse rants than mine on DC . The tone was set on an earlier post Humty Dumty . DC is not for the weak hearted . I know you love Floyd , but your in a minority because the pedaling menonite has burt every bridge and fucked over all his friends . Throw him a life line Humpty , he is desperate at the moment . I see you drank the Armstrong kool aid too . Ya cant love both Humpty !

  30. Q: Would Floyd have come clean had he not been busted for doping?
    A: No.
    Q: Had Floyd not been busted, would he still be drawing a paycheck whilst doping?
    A: Probably.

    It’s always about the money.

    Please spare us the notion that Floyd is great for coming clean and trying to change the system. He took his fans’ money when he knew he was lying. Then he tried to blackmail his way into the ToC. And when that didn’t work, he decided to try to burn the whole thing down.

    Had Floyd sat out his suspension, none of this would have happened. He wouldn’t have lost everything and he’d probably have been out there kicking ass and taking names. But his entire situation is the logical result of his own actions since the moment he got busted.

    No amount of “redemption” will change that. He’s not an honorable man. Just a man with nothing left to lose trying to claw a few bucks back.

  31. Doesn’t matter that he doped and lied and everything, to me, once I get him up on a roof. He’s going to make a great ‘domestique’ – keep those shingles coming.

  32. I don’t think anyone is holding Landis up as a shining example, just saying something like: allow for the posibilities.

    Allow him the possibility of getting right. Allow yourself the possibility of laying down the cynicism.

    I’m tired of the doping,cheating,lying too. It sucks. It’s made an ever increasing mockery of a once proud and noble endeavor- a sport with history of pageantry and suffering over more than a century. But I’m also tired of the knee jerk assumptions (Cancellera had a mechanical assist?!)and the drawn curtains (Cuntador had a month to prepare his defense?!), etc.

    Landis has been a total douche (of almost Armstrongian magnitude)- most of all for dragging LeMond into the muck. I did not send him money. I am sending him well wishes in turning himself around. Maybe this will help PRO cycling, too, but if not I will still ride my bikes.

    …and I like the new Little Jar.

  33. STM,

    Man up and own your words. it’s not about liking Floyd or not,it’s about cleaning up the sport by any means necessary. it’s out of context to wish suicide on someone for doping. what you wrote was fucked up, you know it, and It’s chickenshit to say you wrote b/c of a former post.

    i did not realize that you are the spokesman for the site, and speak for everything that is drunk cyclist. seen quite a few posts that don’t subscribe to your opinions.

  34. Floyd doesn’t have to pay back shit, but is trying to do the right thing. Yeah, you’re right. Fuck that guy. Who does he think he is?

    BTW STM,

    If you are trying to say “you are,” you can use “you’re.” “Your” is incorrect in this situation and makes you look like a (bigger) dipshit.

  35. Elsid , what are you a fucking school teacher ? I just learnt to tipe .
    Dont have nothin to do with Floyd neither . Humpty , find where I encouraged anyone to blow thier head off . I mearly expressed he is close to blowing his head off . Both you Floyd lovers can blow each other .

  36. STM,

    You will understand the world is bigger than your computer screen, and that these are real people you are talking to someday. Perhaps when you graduate from high school…
    (And if you are not some piss-ant kid with no perspective, than you are a sad, troubled “adult” whose posts say more about him/her than they do about the situation at hand)

    Again… Grow up.

  37. Littlejar is just a passionate guy with a specific world-view.

    You are simply trolling for trolling’s sake because you have a hard-on for attention.

  38. Beavis
    ha ha ha
    dood he said blow and then something about fucking a school teacher
    ha ha ha
    did he seriously say he wanted to blow humpty?
    that’s like blowing an egg?
    ha ha ha
    i think he just means we should blow each other

  39. STM,

    You write:

    ” … this is a last ditch effort to reach out to (us) before he blows his fuckin head off . any psyc doctor just looks at this and says he is days away from his last suicide break away …………”

    Is writing that you did not ENcourage it your manly way of owning it? A real man would admit it was fucked up or at least sack up and own it. You chose neither. But wow, you got Floyd to respond…PROUD of ya’ .

    I have a BA and grad degree in psych biatch. There are clinical terms for what you “tipe”. it is your passive aggressive way for you get attention. It’s out of context. For the lamen it’s fucked up and PUSSY to say that others caused you to write something like that, pull Littlejar in.

    I say Floyd has Balls the size of church bells, you say BB’s. Fine. Find it ironic that you say that about Floyd when you can’t even claim your own actions. At least he is. You need to trade your Mangina for a sack dude. Own your words.

    Your prolly one of those D-bags that fakes a mechanical in a race or has an excuse every time you get dropped…then go home and kick your dog…prolly a fucking toy poodle.

    unreal dude.

  40. Hey Jonny
    You should create a bike bitchslap lifestyle show.
    Who’s the man who’s the pussy?
    You have a cast…well i can pick out the obvious.
    The only other obvious would be M Creed.
    We could do a piece like ‘the ringer’ were everyone shows up in portland and force them into crosstard.
    I know that is not acceptable, but it is funny shit!
    take care big

  41. somewhere Vino is wearing a jersey with his face on it remembering back to stage 12 of the tour and smiling.

  42. …IF you’re gonna try & learn from the best, ‘berto, ie: bruyneel & armstrong, then you gotta pay close attention…

    …always make a checklist – check…

    …never, ever admit to being wrong – check…

    …threaten to sue any & all ‘exposure’ media sources – check…

    …never ‘use’ in front of teammates unless you trust them explicitly – check…

    …remember ‘use’ rule carefully, it may come back to bite you – check…

    …be careful where you dispose of ‘equipment’ – check…

    …remember ‘disposal’ rule, it may come back to bite you also – check…

    …this one is new, ‘berto…learn about ‘plasticizers’ – check…

    …draw small amounts, remember the biological passport – check…

    …infuse small amounts, remember the biological passport – check…

    …always, always make sure the blood being drawn is absolutely clean – check…

    …ahhh, ‘berto…how do you say DOH !!! in spanish ???…

  43. …oh, & ‘berto ???…

    …always share your prize money with ‘everyone’, again, that’s ‘everyone’ on the team, riders & support staff ‘because they will fuck you in the end’ if not…(pointed out by a friend)…

    …si – check…

  44. …btw…that landis interview is as real as it gets from my p.o.v….honest, no sensationalism, just a glimpse into the mind of a guy who let stuff get away from him & now he’s man enough to try & reel it back in despite knowing he’s gonna take a lotta shit for it for years to come…

    …props, floyd…

    …team rideclean reaches for a new & higher level…total props, guys…jake the snake needs a drunkcyclist warm-up top for pre-race…“sorry, coach…couldn’t find my ‘rideclean’ warm-up but i got my team jersey on, don’t worry”