Flanders cometh

The blessed cobbles call...
The blessed cobbles call...

This just in:

From: zMud
Subject: Flanders
Recon Photos here: cyclingfans.com/tour_of_flanders_photos

Live tomorrow here: cyclingfans.com/


Enjoy I will.

I’m at the library right now trying to get as much done as I can in as little time as possible. Between Easter kicking off with the fam all morning and the Tour of Flanders on t.v. at noon (on Versus stateside), my day is booked!

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18 thoughts on “Flanders cometh

  1. Did the short course today to escort some VIPs of my team… Only 75km, and now I know what the untrained masses feel.

  2. …absolutely crazy…imagine not just riding but hammering over that shit for hours…

    …recent remark from our pal, the lance-ster:- “Once watched Tour of Flanders on TV w/ Eddy Merckx. Eddy says : “Lance, I don’t like that race – I only won it twice”.”

  3. “Stijn Devolder, the Quick Step rider who stands to become the first rider since Fiorenzo Magni in 1951 to earn three wins in a row said to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that he has ridden the finale almost every day since Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.”

    Anybody placing bets?

  4. “The weather forecast ahead of the 94th edition of the Tour of Flanders…cold, wet and windy…scattered rain showers and even hail predicted, temperatures not expected to make it over 10° Celcius and squalls up to 65 km/h coming from the east/south east, the conditions could throw a random element into the racing.”


    …betting ???…i’m bettin’ it’s gonna be a serious-ass easter in flanders…

  5. Sounds like proper springtime racing in Europe.

    Hincapie has had supposedly durable Al steerers fail on him as well… He just has shit luck in P-R…

  6. “Horse sense is what keeps horses from betting on people.”

    Mark Twain

  7. Wow. Cancellara didn’t even stand up on the Muur, just rode right by Boonen. Hincapie needs to read moves better. He looked strong, but just didn’t go when he needed to… P-R is next weekend right?

  8. George’s story was that he thought Sky was going to cover the move. He’d better be ready to do his own dirty work next weekend.

  9. “When I realised I’d dropped Boonen it was like having wings on my feet and kept going all the way to the finish.”

    yes, it did.

  10. …i followed the exciting live feed this morning but now watching the vs coverage, wow, nothing but huge superlatives…

    …while the weather mostly seemed to cooperate, just watching how the cobbles & bad pavement have those bikes shuddering, bouncing, jarring the riders for hours on end makes ya realize how tough those guys really are…

    …absolutely, over the top awesome freakin’ bike racing !!!…

  11. You probably don’t understand fleemish, but Boonen said that on the Muur, at the moment he wanted to stand on the pedals to attack, he cramped… He then finished the climb on one leg before the cramp went…
    Going up the fucking Muur one one leg, that’s nuts. Total bonkers.