At least it doesn’t say “Boat” Anchor…

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Subject: Chinese bike
Here is at typical bike in my town. 24 inch built for two, no lie.

This one is in pretty new condition. Many folks don’t even remove the bubble wrap from the frame and they ride the with every bolt loose so the kick stand mounted on the rear axle drags. Also assembly grease, chain lube and tire liners are alien concepts.

They come up with great names like Lover, Road Rage, and who wouldn’t want to ride an Anchor?

As seen on Deadliest Catch.
As seen on Deadliest Catch.
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5 thoughts on “At least it doesn’t say “Boat” Anchor…

  1. That seat is epic. You could probably support about half a ton on that seat. It if did not have so much foam it would be an anchor. As it is probably more of a buoy!

  2. department stores want one’s bso to break, which could force them to purchase another one.—>in this market there are many people who are unable to purchase a ibd quality bike after having learned the uselessness of a bso.

    that is to say, wal-mart wouldn’t sell a functional, but crappy, bike because it wouldn’t be regressive enough.

  3. My favorite overseas bike find was a Roach. My wife’s sister in Tokyo has a Chipmunk city bike.