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  1. Gotta love the climate change deniers… the glaciers retreat for no special reason. Seattle had the warmest January in history. Anecdotal, sure. Climate is a complex, recursive system. The coming Coal Age will not help, but I’ll de dead by then.

  2. …and the second warmest January in Seattle history, going back to 1851, was 2006.

    The drudge-ification of information. It goes like this: It’s *really fuckin’ cold* somewhere in the world, so, obviously, anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change is Bullshit.

  3. The Great Lakes are filled with melted glaciers. The Ice Age was brought to an end by global warming, not from man. Mars is getting warmer. What, little green men in SUVs? And cap n’ tax will destroy what’s left of the economy. Jesus, Brainiac, buy a fucking vowel.

  4. Or: because something happened one time, it cannot logically be happening now for some other reason. So says, disparagingly, brainiac dave.

    Well, um, the Ice Age was indeed brought to an end, as you say, by global warming (that’s what is known as a tautology, dave — lookit up and you’ll know why it is not the same as an “argument”). But it happened over the course of millennia. Slow enough that even plants were able to “migrate.” There are spruce on top of Mt. Graham here in AZ that “migrated” right up the mountain as temperatures climbed. Those same spruce are also found in Alaska, where others of them wound up after a northward trek. A trek that is measured in kilometers per century, seed by seed.

    Today’s climate change, Dave, has little in common with that era other than its direction. Mammals might make the trip north, but their habitats will not, and they will die. Most likely in very great numbers.

    As for this business about “it’s really cold at my house right now so global warming must be a crock.” Does that argument even warrant a response? Niagara Falls froze over in 1911. The Mississippi River froze to New Orleans in 1899, discharging ice into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s cold out because it’s winter.


  5. What I meant to say was, “It’s cold out because it’s winter, dumbass.”

    My apologies for any misunderstandings.


  6. classic comments by Dave, am i correct in noticing he used to link his lame ass blog to his name and no longer does? if so, am i also correct in noticing that happened around the same time as him bagging on someone’s post, then people hitting his blog and calling it “weak sauce?”

    if i am incorrect then i am promptly opening another beer and forgetting all this

  7. dave are you trolling? what does that say about your entertainment options, rockstar?

  8. wow. How did a fun day on the ‘cross bike turn into an argument about global warming? We had a ton of fun. Maybe you should try it, you know, riding a bike instead of looking for a fight with someone that you will probably never meet face to face. …and if you did, you would more than likely just laugh and get drunk. At least I hope you would.

  9. Guilty on all counts, dan. But I do ride, and damned near every day. And I suspect you’re right; if I ran into any of yinz on a ride the fun would increase exponentially, all the way ’round.

    That reminds me-Gotta see if the snowblower will start. The Global Warming Fairy left aboot four inches of “settled science” last night, eh. Then I ride. Mmmmm, studded tires…

  10. OK. Let me put it in my 2 cents.

    Global Warming was a poor choice because simpletons like Dave can say “It’s colder here that it’s been since I-don’t-know-when” when it actually should be called ‘Global Climate Change’

    What is happening is the places that get flooded are getting flooded more often and more violently, the drier places are getting even less rain (if that’s even possible; the extremes are becoming more extreme and there is becoming less and less middle ground.

    This is due to the overall temps of the globe being raised by a few degrees, which in turn change the entire climate of the planet.

    2 degrees warmer all over (ergo ‘Global Warming’) makes glaciers melt (as well as the arctic circle) which injects fresh cold water into the circulation of the seas, which affects shit, and on and on and on…

    I think ‘Global Warming’ is a misnomer that, while factually accurate, is misleading to simpletons like Dave.
    I also think dave likes talking shit out of his ass.
    I also believe that unless all of us (INCLUDING MYSELF) go and get climatolagy degrees, we should stop assuming we know what the fuck is going on, and listen to the guys who practice and research science, and get back to DRINKIN’ BEER AND RIDIN’ BIKES.


    and fuck a SUV.

  11. “drinkin’ beer and ridin’ bikes” is always good. But at the moment I’m oot of beer, eh, so I’m drinkin’ Jim Beam. And as an aside, I’ve probably had more than the recommended dose. But I feel okeh, eh.

    And I rode two differnt fixed gear bikes today. One had studded tires and made me feel like Superman. The other, a Surly Crosscheck, had big fat Kenda Kouriers and went down hard when I found the ice under the snow. But like I said, I’m okeh.

    And I’m buggered if I see how that Kenyan goatherding cocksucker taxing the fuck out of us and destroying what’s left of the economy will make the sun to shine, the flowers to bloom and the birds to sing. He’s not God, you know. He’s just some grubby Chicago politician.

    And I hope he doesn’t fuck things up too bad between now and the next election, when the adults will take over.

  12. Again… trolling for responses…

    Shame that guy Dave doesn’t post here anymore. He was funny what with how ignorant and misinformed he was.

    >sigh< he'll be missed.

  13. >sigh<

    I wonder whatever happened to that dave guy… You know… the one who was so ignorant and misinformed. You guys remember… The troll?

    He woulda been funny if he wasn't so pathetically ignorant.

    Ah well… I'll miss him even if you guys won't.