Day late and a dollar short

Shit. Amazing what you can find when you actually pay attention. I parked this one in the drafts folder and lost sight of it for three weeks. The ride I’m talking about was on January 7th. Oh well. Shit’s still funny even if it is way late to go live. Original post below:

On Thursday, I got a mountain bike ride in that lasted nearly three hours. And, for me, where I’m at now, that is one hell of a ride.

From: Dan
For some reason I feel like this facebook page was created by a cyclist trying to make a point as to how fucked up things are. Then again, I believe most of the people in Amurika are complete fuckin’ retarded idiots yet have the ability to learn better… call me an optimist

In other ridiculous news, we have the following from across the pond:

A community council chairman has been cleared of sabotaging a cycling race last year after charges against him were dropped by the Crown.

Alexander Grosset, 62, was charged in connection with the scattering of thousands of tacks during the Etape Caledonia last May.

Several hundred cyclists had their tyres punctured by the tacks.

Putting tacks upon the roadway because you don’t like a cycling event which brings in 3,500 participants. The mark of a coward.

Need a new calender? It is a brand new year, after all.


Yep. Available here:

Honey?! Get my rifle!

YouTube Preview Image

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4 thoughts on “Day late and a dollar short

  1. I always caught the last 10 seconds of that video, but never heard how awful the song REALLY was.

    Thanks hollywood-boy, for jumping the shark and pointing out how fixies are really and truly ‘done’.

    Anyone want to buy a Steamroller? Pickup only. No saddle, bring your own.

  2. plz end the girl jean wearing fixie craze now…. im gonna launch my french toast on the cat…

  3. ..not terribly bothered about the song one way or another but, that was a LOT of rockstar posturing going on. holy wow.

    as to the kiddies trying to out-freak each other on their rolling fashion accessories.. ..(sigh), is that not “done” already? (looks at watch)

  4. The high you get from that kind of ride only comes once.
    After that, you can’t get it back.

    Rock stars or wannabees can only copy the U2 format for so long.
    a big part of cycling’s spirit dies when it becomes mostly fashion.