Tuesdays with Dirty: We Need to Talk

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Hey guys, we need to talk. This isn’t to everybody, but you know who you are. I have put up with the half shirts on men, the sleeveless jerseys with arm warmers, the sketchy group rides… but I have to object at the new trend of compression socks.

People have been riding bikes for a long time and running barefoot for centuries and they never once needed a $50 pair of tube socks.

This might just be a simple case of Harden the fuck up.

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Lose the socks. Keep it Dirty.

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13 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: We Need to Talk”

  1. I’ve watched that Chopper video a hundred times and I still laugh every goddamn time. Oddly, relatively few people to whom I offer that same advice seem to appreciate it. Whiny bitches.

  2. That Chopper Reid spoof always gets a laugh out of me too…a classic.

    Yeah, 50 buck socks? Maybe for a diabetic on a plane, but cycling? I wouldn’t put them on my dick. Or maybe I would. If they were given to me.

  3. but $50 dollar socks make u faster right? like those $200 shoes that last for a month. those $2000 tri-spoke front wheels make group rides that much faster. and those $60 goggles get u more aero in the water. fucking tri-geeks will buy anything at any price if they “think” they’re going to get faster. word DirtyB…….tell it like it is!

  4. Ok, motherfucking haters. When you’re running 30+ miles a week, riding 200+ miles a week and your fucking legs are trashed from training, compression tights and socks RULE. i bought a pair of 2xu tights last summer when ice baths weren’t cutting it and i love the shit out of them.

  5. I got a free pair of thigh high compression socks with the purchase of 1 colon cancer surgery. What a deal at $62,000.00

  6. Some people have health issues. Compression socks help. Can’t say much about them on a bike as my wool hiking socks work just fine. And one day you all will be old and riddled with health issues if you live that long. But from what i’ve seen I wouldn’t bet the ranch on that.

    And Miss Judi, would that I were half my age and the days were afew hours longer. But I do what I can. Go Judi go.