Tuesdays with Dirty: What the world needs now

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I was chilling on my lunch hour filling out my ballot today and I have a few thoughts. I don’t know if you heard, but there is an election coming up in a few weeks and it’s kind of a big deal. I’m more of a pessimist on my national impact. So no need to talk about that shitshow. But I have always taken my local voice pretty seriously. Mining, fracking, tax increases, bans on smoking, reintroduction of gray wolves… shit that either makes me happy or sad on a daily basis. So I always vote and do it for whatever directly affects me and my needs. I would expect nothing less from folks reading this.

I did get a little pissed and come to one conclusion… the world doesn’t need this meme come to life, Kanye, on a presidential ballot. Holy shit, just Google “crazy kanye stuff”. Not fake news. I still can’t believe this is real life. I can’t wait to run for Governor some day. I’m gonna get real weird with it.

The world does need more singletrack.

More punk rock bands with non-male singers.

More Icelandic “post-metal” in your ears on long bike rides.

More days moving slow down rivers with friends

The world definitely needs more time in the mountains and at the jumps with friends like my homey Mason here:

It’s easy to get down on the bullshit and darkness in the world right now. But when you zoom out, it ain’t all so bad. We’ve got our bikes and our homies and a whole goddamn world as a playground (once our passports work again). So get after it and never forget that there are always videos of clowns binge drinking to lift your spirts when you are down.


Also here is a picture of me being stoked with a trout.

Keep it dirty…

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4 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: What the world needs now”

  1. Today is the final day of the New Zealand elections, regardless of the outcome, comparing what’s going on with the rest of the world, I once more say “Thank God I live in NZ”.

    What the world needs is an end to this shit show, I despair for my child’s future given the poison chalice that she has been handed.

  2. lol Dirty, you are more addicted to social media than my 21 year old sister. Every damn day you post a picture of the same shit. Put down the phone and stop seeking validation from internet strangers. Is it even possible for you to enjoy a ride without posting about it on Facebook? Jesus fucking christ, you’re the biggest poseur I’ve even met..

  3. Awe Dude, you mad bro? Posing, sharing living my life how I want to despite your opinion… whatevs. Don’t be fooled by the social media filter. There is a lot of my world I don’t share.
    But you keep reading what I post, so what does that say about you? Although we wouldn’t know because you hide behind a screenname. Is it cold in your mothers basement, troll? Also, give your sister my number.