Silver what?

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I don’t know anything about the Silverdome and I’m definitely not going to take any time out of my day to Google it… But I do think this video is entertaining enough to have its own post. Enjoy.


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5 Replies to “Silver what?”

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  2. The Silverdome was an iconic structure to all us Michiganers. Dig the video.

  3. It’s ok Detroit, the people will be back, 21% of the worlds fresh water is there. Soon, the migration will begin…

  4. I’m Getting to the point of if you’ve seen one of these videos you’ve seen them all. I like how they hung and leaned garbage on the ramp in the middle of the stadium to make it look like he is riding obstacles that where just left behind and there wasn’t a whole crew there building stuff for days to make this 3 minute video.

  5. I live in Maryland. After all the Ferguson crap in Baltimore, know what they been saying?

    At least we’re not Detroit.

    Liberalism at its finest.