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February is, by far, the busiest month here in the desert. Singlespeed Arizona directly followed by 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo takes up a good chunk of time in itself. Throw in all or the visitors we get and trails to ride, February just disappears. We haven’t had much chance to talk about all the stuff we have been up to because we have been too busy doing.
Hopefully we will have some great stories to report back in a couple weeks. For now, here is a little taste of what has been going on down here


Reverend Dick came to visit. We drank beers in the desert while wearing fancy shirts.


Our good friend Jolly from Back of the Pack Racing scored a sweet State Bikes coaster brake fatty for being DFL at Singlespeed AZ... this is also the bike I broke my arm on and there is a full report over HERE

Check out a report from the Surly crew, and an attempted DFL, over on their blog HERE. Apparently, I’m a nice guy.

Charlie The Bikemonger is here from England seeing what this desert riding is all about.. so we took a quick trip to Baja to get pummeled by the ocean a bit

half moon


There was this one time when my buddy B-Hard planned a birthday ride really early on a Sunday morning. But I stopped being mad at him because it was foggy, and that only happens once every few years.


Sometimes you make your better half call in sick to work and you end up at some Native American ruins on a hill.

Well, I really have no idea why I am typing all this shit. I guess I miss you guys and I wanted to let ya know we haven’t all gone missing. Life happens and sometimes this yellow page takes a back seat to fun. I will report back if I survive this weekend…Somehow I thought a 4-man coaster brake Klunker team for Old Pueblo was a good idea. I’m going to do my best to not slow my teammates down too much. See ya on the other side.

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Mone Bikes

Spy Belgian Waffle Ride (this thing looks legit)

The email heard round the bike world

WE HAVE T-Shirts!!


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