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20 Replies to “Uhh…what?”

  1. That video should be sold with a six pack of underwear because I shit mine about four times. And creamed them once.

  2. The man never ceases to amaze me. Every video he has released I have fully enjoyed. I feel like I owe him money for all this entertainment.

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  4. “um, well Shit….I should have tied up the boat…ya…should have tied up the boat….”

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  6. WTF. I fell a few weeks ago, just trying to ride from the grass onto the sidewalk. The entire concpt of “Danny” boggles m mind…

  7. Dammit Danny, stop showing me places I’ve always wanted to go to, but never have, in ways that just make me want to go, more.

    No biking on that high up shit for me, but I’d spend the rest of my days happily exploring every inch of the Isle of Skye, given the chance…..

  8. Fantastic! I’ve always thought he is the absolute epitome of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outlier” theory.

  9. Guy rowing with a bike with inspirational soundtrack. Yawn. Neato climbing [wonders how Ebola is doing]. Oooh that’s pretty landscape [need to plan next summer’s travel]. Sweet trials riding [wonder if red bull sponsors him]. Not riding off that spier, unh uh [Wonder how long this video g—- HOLY SHIT! WHAT DID HE JUST DO ON THAT FENCE!!!!!

  10. …ahhh, danny mac – you’re as radical as they come, boyo but somehow you do it with a grace that defies (my) logic…

    …simply WOW !!!…

    …thank you for being you & sharing…

  11. Can’t believe he had to hike-a-bike up the steep sections…rookie!

    Seriously, Amazing.

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