Age ain’t nothing but a number

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Sometimes it is all we can think about and we just can’t stop. Other times we get burnt out and it becomes a chore.

But we never stop riding.


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23 Replies to “Age ain’t nothing but a number”

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  2. Does such a man ride because he is still strong and alert?

    Or is he still strong and alert because he rides?

    I think perhaps that it is the latter.

  3. Eh.

    50 years old here. Haven’t ridden in a year+ cause I’m too busy going back and forth to the hospital.

    My bikes just sit there missing me.

  4. I just returned from what I would consider was perhaps the last hard core bikepack trip of my life. At 42 I’m anything but “old,” but these majorly difficult rides are crushing my knees. Post knee repairs, I might be back in business.

  5. I joined a Gym about 2 weeks ago. I withdrew my membership about a week ago because it took away time that I could be cycling. I’m 51 and have been riding since my first JC Penney ten speed Racer back in ’76. Cycling has enhanced my life immeasurably.

  6. Thanks Dirty, Any one can ride at any time in there life.
    Are you in Colorado for the Pro Challenge?

  7. @3T,

    50 years old, you’re a fucking teenager!!

    I’m knocking on the doors of 60 & huge introspection of my life.

    I was a distance runner for 40 years before my knees gave out & I switched to cycling..

    In fact, so many people that I meet were so into something else until it hurt & then they became cyclists.


  8. Well I’m turning 65 in two months, been riding seriously for about half that time. Seems like it takes half my ride to warm up now, but after that I’m good for whatever the road offers. I love hills, sometimes I do intervals on steep ones. I don’t go on many all day long rides anymore. After three hours I’m ready for the ride to be over. Rode for two and a half hours today, great ride, felt strong all day. I don’t know what I’ll do when I can’t ride anymore. I hope that won’t be till I’m past eighty like this guy.

  9. I’m 63. I ride every chance I get, which lately, ain’t near enough due to the constraints of time, space and work commitments.

    Still, I feel blessed with every turn of the crank. I’m sure that riding conveys some sort of anti-aging compound. How could it not? When I ride, I feel as though I am eight years old and all the world is new.

  10. Okay, I guess I gotta chime in (Not that anyone is surprised).

    I’m fitty-fibe years old and I bag an average of 150 miles per week. I do about two-thirds of that on the crabon/crabon Trophy Bike and the rest on Moose, my super-schweet 29er hardtail.

    Riding makes me stronger. I like to be engaged, and riding in traffic requires situational awareness, yo. Lucky for me, I happen to really enjoy riding a bicycle. It’s my preferred pastime.

    I have an old T-shirt that says, “You don’t stop skiing because you get old; you get old because you stop skiing.” I think Mr. electrician made this point well in his comment above.

    Rubber side down, brothers and sisters. I’m out to ride. Should get fifty miles today. See you out there.

  11. Very cool! Can’t wait for another 30 yrs. I’ve been riding on and off since college, and am faster now at 53 than I was at 23 after integrating my training time into my daily commutes.

  12. I had my ass beat at the Chomolungma Challenge at Snowshoe Mountain Resort this weekend by a 50 year old woman. She beat me by over 23 minutes. The 2nd time in my short cycling career that I’ve been whooped on by a 50 year old woman. Though I know there have been many more in other classes. Lynn was just over 9 minutes off of first place over the time span of 6 hours and 23 minutes in a downhill race. I was honored to ride the lift with her 2x. She was so friendly and pleasant. We talked about trails and bikes and how she trained her hands so they wouldn’t feel like mine (awful). I was so inspired to keep doing what I love and try more and more awesome things. I gave her a chainring because she needed one and I really needed to thank her for being so darn inspirational. Thanks for this Monday morning (for me) continued inspiration Dirty. Ride on ya’ll!

  13. …haven’t been on a bike in a year ‘cuz I’ve been having health issues on top of other health issues & at 65, when I watch a video like this, I realize I gotta get through this shit ‘cuz I’ve always imagined i’d wanna be riding when i’m 80 (& beyond) & despite this “lull”, I definitely know I do…

    …i’m confronted by a strange dichotomy wherein cycling, which has always kept me physically healthy although I ride more for the simple enjoyment & the mental clarity & health, as of late I keep butting up against a wall & I’ve gotta break through that wall & get back to something that makes my heart sing…

    …when I do, not “if I do”, a part of me will always have a tiny bit of sadness because although I won’t pretend we were friends, robin williams & I would always give each other the “cyclist’s nod” whilst headed in different directions around the tiburon peninsula…

    …I once had a simple but meaningful conversation about bikes & health with robin wherein he said something that was so elegantly personal i’ll never ride that tiburon loop for the rest of my life without having a nice thought about the man…

    …I guess I always thought i’d see robin out there in his ’80’s too…I’ve got work to do to get back to that place…

    …”…and miles to go before I sleep…”…

  14. I just got a new ‘tall’ bike this summer.
    I haven’t ridden in years. I am glad to be back on a bike. It’s kicking my ass but I love it. Seeing these types of videos keeps me motivated.

  15. @BGW

    Awesome to see you & your wise posts back here.

    I didn’t realise that you only had 5 years on me, we’re almost middle aged!!

    Shit! we’re going to have to grow up someday & become responsible citizens, (Allyoukidsgetthefuckoffmylawn)

  16. I am 55 and I have been riding a road bike for 40+ years. I deal with depression and anxiety, cycling is my medicine. It keeps my head in check and it keeps my heart and lungs strong. I ride in a beautiful area and I love the scenery and the camaraderie of my cycling companions. I marvel at the simplicity of cycling every time I ride. I do the work, it feeds my soul and soothes my mind. I always say I will be riding in my ’80’s even if I am on a 3 wheeled bike. Many more miles to go before I rest…..

  17. I’m 36, I just started riding again after a period of inactivity due to some health problems. The Quote “It brings me joy” says it all. I’m touched, moved, and inspired.
    Thanks for the share!!!

  18. My grandma rides her Schwinn cruiser every morning that there isn’t snow on the ground. Every time I think about not riding, I just remember her.